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Pallets weigh between 2,500 and 3,000 lbs. depending on the type of paver chosen. Q How many different types of pavers does Experienced Bricks offer? A standard pallet contains approximately 500 bricks. Besides traditional construction and face bricks, pavers, firebricks and brick veneer are available. Pavers are used to create sidewalks or edgings, while firebricks can be used for high-heat applications. Also used in the Euro Cobble, our 6×9 patio paver displays an inviting look as it combines a yesteryear appearance with a new age emergence.

how many pavers in a pallet 20.5 square feet per piece, 187 pieces per pallet. Pallet weight is 1309 lb. Just getting the pavers laid out as close to the edges as possible and save the cutting for later. It’s easier for me to simply count how many empty pallets are stacked on the ground. Belgard Hardscapes: Urbana Pavers The Urbana Collection’s chiseled textures and contours combine with its random shapes and patterns to recall vintage cut stone. Belgard Pavers are versatile and adaptable to the most diverse shapes imaginable and are produced in a wide selection of colors, textures and curves to make virtually any design concept possible. Pallet: 105 SQFT / 3814 lbs.

Many places sell pavers only by the pallet bundle. The depth is unimportant for this calculation. The length and width and whether you use mortar will affect how many pavers you need, and the price, per square foot. There are many different colors and treatments of brick to choose from. Each 450.00 This pricing reflects the 5 discount on full pallets picked up by the customer.