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Beautiful vintage glass doorknob with mortise lock. One was painted white by previous homeowner. No key. Plates are a bonus and cost was not factored in. When purchasing antique glass and crystal doorknobs, there are several things to consider to insure the greatest quality. Crystal knobs are much heavier due to the lead content. Not many people think about antique doorknob identification as being a hobby, but for those who collect them, it is a passion. There are many more antique doorknobs that have unusual and beautiful designs and monograms that may be difficult to trace. Be sure to do some research before you buy so that you understand the value of the antiques.

how much are old glass door knobs worth 2(Source: Antique Builders’ Hardware Knobs & Accessories by Maud L. Members are more than willing to give advice to newcomers as to the relative value of different pieces. What are the best doorknobs to collect? You will soon realize that it is an endless pursuit, as there are many thousands of different knobs. The lovely combination of white porcelain and gleaming brass suits so many styles of homes, from Queen Anne Victorian to Colonial Revival. My house was built in the 1920s and it still has a lot of the original details, including all of the glass doorknobs. are these valuable at all if i sold them. You can also check completed listings to see how much they’ve sold for. Also try selling them to local antique stores.

And of course, it would be much more cost-effective to keep the existing door hardware, rather than spring for all new knobs and backplates. Joanna, you are totally right about the monetary value of these glass doorknobs. Shown from top in clockwise order are: Old Town Clear with Polished Brass Standard Rosette, Diamond with Polished Chrome Standard Rosette, Diamond with Pewter Ribbon & Reed Rosette, Astoria Emerald (Obsolete) with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ribbon & Reed Rosette, Old Town Violet(Obsolete) with Pewter Rope Rosette, Astoria with French Antique Rope Rosette, Old Town Milk(Obsolete) with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lancaster Style Rosette, and in the center is Old Town Clear with French Antique Style 8 Rosette. After much searching, I stumbled upon this glass knob set for the very reasonable price of just under 14. But even those are way more than I wanted to spend, and more hassle than it was worth.

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how much are old glass door knobs worth 3Antique and vintage doorknobs are collectible items; highly sought after. With many years of use, vintage doorknobs can start to slip when turned. Eventually, this can lead to the doorknob just spinning without opening the latch that secures the door. Glass door knobs are beautiful, whether they’re old or new, but there’s definitely no comparison between the two. There are so many amazing vintage glass door knobs out there, and a ton of great ideas for how to repurpose them My dream would be to find a stash like this. I have the doorknob pictured in here the one you said was a emerald antique gem i have serched forever looking for information on this can anyone help me i would love to know what year it was made and value thanks. Vintage glass door knob setset is complete with original hardware.Excellent clarity!And in very good condition. There is some slight scratching on the top of the glass knobs. Historical Prices:. The knobs come in so many colors, styles, materials, and types that they allow you to give your home a custom look for relatively little cost. Antique door knobs are difficult to find in large numbers so may be hard to match if you have many doors in your home. It takes a bit of luck but finding a unique old door knob is worth it to the historic home aficionado. After years (yes nearly two years!) of planning to upgrade every last old brass door knob in our entire house, we finally got er done. I orbed all of my hardware last year, and it is definitely worth the extra money to buy the latch strike plates! Paint definitely comes off! The only other place that paint starts to come off is the key hole.

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