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How to paint Kitchen Cabinets white with no prep using chalk paint powder. And I can’t believe how much easier it was to use Chalk Paint vs traditional latex paint for my cabinets. 0Share. It’s been two years since I chalk painted our kitchen cabinets. How much paint and wax did it take? I never would have thought of painting the cabinets blue until I realized I consistently was drawn to kitchens that incorporated that color. Latex Paint. Latex paint has traditionally been the go-to paint for interior projects. For a project like kitchen cabinets that need 3-4 coats of paint, that’s just not an option for me. Seemed to hold up much better than the wax.

how much chalk paint do i need for kitchen cabinets 2I ended using about 1/2 of a can but I didn’t have too much to paint. Using Chalk Paint to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets. Start off with just some paint on your brush and get a feel for how much paint is needed. Q. Do I need to sand before painting with Chalk Paint? You can use Chalk Paint decorative paint on most wood cabinetry.

I have painted an entire kitchen full of cabinets with interior paint from Home Depot using paint like Behr or Benjamin Moore. And if I’m going to have to do prep work, I’d much rather use products that are tried and true for me, and end up with a finish that I know I’ll love. The Post Where I Reveal Too Much About Myself (and a bit of kitchen progress). Painting two coats on a kitchen table and 4 chairs or a dresser and 2 end tables is achievable. How much paint do I need to paint my kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

When deciding to go about how to paint them, I researched all my options: refacing, professional painters, and doing it myself. With timing that couldn’t be more perfect, Linda from Craftiholics Anonymous posted about painting her kitchen cabinets with BB Frosch chalk paint. I could really get the inside lip of the frame of the cabinet bases and it was much easier to be able to paint the doors in the garage all at once. Then this tutorial on how to paint cabinets with chalk paint is for you! Are you looking for a way to renovate your bathroom or kitchen cabinets without hiring a contractor? Hate priming even more than you hate sanding? Then this is the project for you. It’s important that you don’t leave too much wax on the furniture. From dressers, to kitchen cabinets, to your floors, we know you love painting EVERYTHING. You do not need to seal Chalk Paint on surfaces being used outdoors. There are many efficient and creative ways to transform a dated kitchen with a boring interior and turn it into a welcoming, light, bright and modern place. We used both angled brushes and small high-density foam rollers to paint the cabinets themselves. As part of this In Angie s Kitchen series I am encouraging you guys to try out the PlantoEat Website to make your meal planning, shopping, and cooking SO MUCH EASIER. How to paint kitchen cabinets is one of the most asked about topics I get in emails and comments here on my blog. The Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint has worked well for me on many projects so I decided to use it for my kitchen. I have not tried to use glaze over chalk paint but I would think you would need to seal them first.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Chalk paint & milk paint are different kinds of paints. The kitchen cabinets below were professionally done, but you can get the same look following some of the tips below. Milk paint needs a bonding agent if you don’t want to an antique or distressed look. Learn how to paint laminate cabinets using a latex primer and paint to get the look and color you want In My Own Style. When I painted my kitchen cabinets years ago, I didn’t even know about chalk paint. Choosing between wax and poly to seal the chalk paint is more of a preference and how much time you want to put into waxing and buffing each surface. Before choosing any paint to repaint your old kitchen cabinets, you must think about your family’s cooking habits. Some people would love cooking so much so they often split hot ingredients or scratch the surface of the cabinets. I have painted dressers with chalk paint before so I’m leaning towards spraying the table and chairs with that.