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There are 3 key elements to consider when accessorizing a nightstand: The Lamp – make sure it has a beautiful base and shade OR mount a sconce to the wall. A key element in accessorizing your nightstand is the lighting which can make a design statement for your entire bedroom decoration. Whether you choose a wall mounted sconce or a ceiling mounted fixture or a table lamp, make sure to keep it in balance with your nightstand’s scale and leave space for other essentials. I have been pinning some nightstand vignettes and styling options that have peeked my interest in hopes of being inspired to give mine a little makeover. Thanks for posting my little accessorizing sketch;) I will have to add you to my blog list, so that I can stop by again.

how to accessorize a nightstand 2The nightstand includes 1 open shelf, and 1 storage drawer with metal drawer slides and metal handle in a brushed nickel finish. ROOMS: How to Accessorize an End Table or Nightstand. Accessorize the space. The basic nightstand accessories are: books, candles, boxes, trays, small vases. Thoes are pretty as well as functional. Some reading material to calm down, candles to relax, boxes or trays to store your jewelry or other small pieces and maybe a vase with some flowers, just for the prettiness factor. How to Accessorize Your Nightstand – Interior Design, Staging, Kitchen & Bath Design – Southern California.

ROOMS: How to Accessorize an End Table or Nightstand. In case you were wondering how interior designers’ tables are styled so well. There IS a formula! 0. From Fabrics, Colors, Draperies, to Accessorizing! Again stay within the basics: bed, nightstands, dresser, chest, and if room allows, a comfortable reading chair. In case you were wondering how interior designers’ tables are styled so well. There IS a formula! Source by tay3comeau.

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Add warmth and charm to your home or retreat with this nightstand and accessorize. The nightstand with drawer embodies a simple, understated elegance that will take your breath away. When it comes to bedroom furnishings, nightstands are the accessories to what can sometimes be a rather boring room. Accessorize your nightstand with candles and lighting of your choice to complete the look and feel of your space to create a relaxing environment. Gives great guidelines and examples for how to accessorize a space by using the right amount of home accessories to make a big decorating impact!. A few petite vases of flowers, a pretty crystal lamp and a small scaled painting add subtle touches to this nightstand arrangement, Decorpad. I am thinking to find a nightstand that is similar lines and paint it (perhaps navy blue). The decorating experts at share 15 tips for turning your spare bedroom into a cozy guest retreat.

Rooms: How To Accessorize An End Table Or Nightstand

Kevin has a nightstand, but it doesn’t match our antique, bedroom furniture set at all After careful consideration, and over a year of pros and cons over every style of nightstand, I think I’ve finally picked something out for the both of us! And at the same time I think I’ve found my style in the home!. Oh and you better believe I will finally accessorize my nightstand with flowers and jewelry holders (or in my case, hair tie holders), instead of Kleenex boxes and lotions! The ugly stuff can finally get a drawer!. A nightstand from nowhere. Chairs that are missing a pair can be used as instant nightstands. The DIY Designer: How to accessorize a space without overdoing it.