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The box spring sits inside of this metal frame, which is made of four pieces and an optional center support beam that’s used for larger mattress sizes. Setting up a new bed may seem like a difficult task, but assembly is simple when an individual has the right tools and instructions on how to put together an adjustable bed frame. Follow these simple instructions to snap together the metal bed frame for your queen. Some of the newer frames even include a center rail for added support. Still, despite the simplicity, you will need to know how to fit the pieces together. Easy to put together. I used a rubber mallet to ensure the legs were fully in. For the price, it’s good quality. After having a similar metal bed frame without the center support, I do notice a difference; however, only the center support touches the ground.

how to assemble metal bed frame with center support 2The metal bed frame is perfect for any standard queen or king size mattress and box spring set. This bed when assembled will give 7 points of contact on the floor, the center brace is a great help for reducing the bowing in of heavy mattress. It’s easy to assemble a bed frame to support a mattress pad and mattress. There are also wheels on a bed frame that make moving the bed easy for cleaning or room rearranging. The Easy Way to Assemble a Metal Bed Frame With Middle Support.

The ground-breaking design of the GS-3 XS Center Support system makes it very strong and is designed to retrofit and strengthen existing wood beds that include wooden side rails. The additional bracing is easy to install. The 3 cross support bars and 3 legs included adjust from bed heights as low as 6 inches, up to 15 inches tall. An easily adjustable bed frame with extra center support for queen and king mattress sets. No tools are required and is easily assembled in minutes. (Photo is of a Queen Frame. Center support not available with twin and full size.) Full Details.

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