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Raised bed gardening doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s a cheap, fast method for productive plants!. Is there an advantage to 4×4 boxes vs. 4×8 boxes? Use these easy instructions to build your own raised beds. If you’re not sure, start with a 4×4-foot square, a distance most people can reach the middle from both sides of. Raised beds solved many of the garden problems that faced me 20 years ago in our new southern California home.

how to build a 4x4 raised garden bed 2See more about Gardening, Building Raised Garden Beds and Building. Building a raised garden box to grow food for your family is a fun project and a healthy way to provide produce. Use 4×4 pieces of lumber. Think about the size and height that you want the garden bed to be and then buy the amount of garden brick that you find appropriate for that size. Watch this short instructional video, made possible by Bonnie Plants and Gardener’s Supply Company, to see how easy it is to build and plant a 4×4 Raised Bed Garden.

We have a 4×4 raised garden bed that we constructed from a kit. My husband is retiring and could use a project for the winter, so I’m thinking this would be a good one since I definitely want to expand the garden area next year. First cutting all ten the large 12×16 boards to size, then the 2×4’s, and lastly the 4×4. Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed is an exciting new dimension to your garden. Get added depth by stacking multiple 4 x 4 greenes dovetail kits, assemble the first kit, leaving off the decorative tops, without the tops, you will have a quarter-inch gap between the top board and the top of the post, slide a board from the second kit to fill this space and then build the rest of the kit as you did the first, with the corner posts from the second kit sitting on top of those from the first, the kits will be stacked and solidly attached, after connecting your final kit, add the decorative tops to the top kit.

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How To Build A Cedar Raised Garden Bed