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I don’t have chickens yet, but I think when I build my chicken coop I will use a 24vdc satellite dish mover (linear actuator). Our creative readers sent in their automatic chicken coop door ideas; Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest; we enjoyed seeing all of the homemade ideas! All three winners should contact us at Letters MotherEarthNews. Some people are handy enough to make their own automatic chicken doors, and you can find all manner of instructions on the internet some ingenious, some flaky, and some downright dangerous. Chicken Breeds, What to Feed Chickens & Easy Chicken Coops to Build.

how to build automatic chicken coop door 2I stumbled on to this nifty automatic coop door opener in the U.K. on Youtube the other day. It is a curtain opener made by Add A Moter and it lifts the chicken coop’s sliding panel pop door. Help me build an Automatic chicken door DIY – Do It Yourself. Have peace of mind knowing that your chickens are safe at night.

Make: Projects. At 45 minutes after sunrise, the automated door rises (and I receive a verification email/text), allowing the girls to venture out into the yard for a little free-range foraging. Automatic Chicken Coop Door is not only a company that makes great chicken keeping products, but they also are actively involved in humanitarian efforts around the world. Enjoy free range poultry and eggs without the worry of night-time predators reaching your roosting birds. Poultry Butler’s light sensor triggers the door to open when the sun shines and closes the door just after the sun sets.

A Clever Automatic Coop Door No Electricity Or Battery Needed

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