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I hope that posting this with all the instructions how to make it in only a couple hours will help others out as well. Or, the green (what they are calling the ground) wire on the timer connected to the black wire of the antenna and the green wire of the antenna to either the black and blue timer wires?. On Youtube there are plenty of automatic chicken coop doors that use string to raise/lower a guillotine-style door, sliding vertically in a track. Whenever you change the time, make sure the reversing timer is always just a bit ahead. Hello everyone, I have a chicken coop with a sliding vertical door. 3) A 12v timer could switch a relay at the appropriate time, sending the door up/down.

how to build timer door for chicken coop 2How to set the timer for an automatic chicken coop door opener. Photos and articles: How to make a chicken coop automatic door. To energize the motor drapery controller, an Appliance Timer is used. One sets the Appliance Timer (with supplied plastic inserts) for sun rise and dusk. Plug-in ready to your lamp timer switch or X10 controller. Benefits: You decide what time your chicken coop door opens and closes thereafter it is automatic!

Our creative readers sent in their automatic chicken coop door ideas; Third place goes to Rod Neumann who adapted an electronic deer-feed timer for his coop door opener. Ever since I built my new chicken coop late last year, I have toyed with the idea of an automatic door opener. If you’re planning on automating your coop, don’t forget to pick up one of our chicken waterers.

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door is dedicated to chicken safety & owner sanity! We tested it against every kind of predator we could get our hands on and also making sure there is no possible way the door could hurt any of the chickens or other poultry passing through. Some people are handy enough to make their own automatic chicken doors, and you can find all manner of instructions on the internet some ingenious, some flaky, and some downright dangerous. Meat Chicken Breeds, What to Feed Chickens & Easy Chicken Coops to Build. Automatic chicken doors are triggered by either a daylight sensor or a timer. I thought I would share my little Chicken Coop Door project with everybody. I decided to go with an electronic timer to control the door, which you can see in the photos. To go in or out of the coop, the 2 chickens must cross a motion detector, which sends me a notification that they’ve left (another email/text). The door remains open throughout the day and the girls will sometimes wander back to grab a bite. Remembering to close a backyard chicken coop door is actually the most challenging responsibility of raising chickens. This timer can be set to close the coop at sunset and open the coop at dawn. I stumbled on to this nifty automatic coop door opener in the U.K. on Youtube the other day. It is a curtain opener made by Add A Moter and it lifts the chicken coop’s sliding panel pop door. It runs on electricity, but when the time comes to build a new coop, I think I might try building a lever system opener instead. The opener set up is just the add a motor drapery motor plugged into a programable timer with multiple on off settings, the motor tied to a string attached to the sliding pop door, and an extension cord.

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Home – Automatic Chicken Coop Door – Contact Us Automatic Chicken Coop Door The Poultry Butler, an automatic chicken coop door, will keep your chickens safe, by automatically opening and closing your chicken coop door when you can’t. Poultry Butler also includes timer activation permitting you to set daily open and close times. How can I automatically open my chicken coop door in the morning? If you make a sliding door which can be hoisted upwards, then you can have an active lifting mechanism to lift it in the morning, and release it down again in the evening (or automatically drop if power fails). One option springing to mind is to have a timer giving power to a lifting circuit which would spin an engine lifting the door until it touches a circuit breaker when lifted high enough, but not releasing the tension on the spinning device until power is shut off (by the automatic timer). We make routine adjustments so open and close are correctly timed, but changing the settings is so simple we don’t mind. Simply plug the motor into your lamp timer. Click here for free plans. 5.

Our chicken coop comes with a sliding door which helps protect the birds from varmints (raccoons, possums, etc. In the summers I set my timer to trigger the door to shut at 9pm and open again at 5:30am. We’re going to be building a new coop and it will have poop gutter, the grid under the feed they always bill it out and so much is wasted.