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Carving a wooden face is often daunting to a new wood carver, but by learning the correct technique and skills you can quickly become skilled at it. Wood Spirits combine the human face and nature into one image. Carving a face with character is step by step instruction on how to carve a face, including carving eyes, carving ears, carving the nose and carving facial expressions. In this project – which is over 4 hours in total – you will see much more of Ian’s tool-work than in his previous videos and be able to watch the amazing dexterity with which he removes wood and finds the shapes he is looking for. Free wood carving, pyrography, and craft step by step projects and line art patterns by Lora S. Wood Spirits combine the human face and nature into one image.

how to carve a face into wood 2This rules states that the face can be broken up into three areas and that they are all equal. If you are using a piece of found wood or a block and you need to determine the width of the face first you can easily do this. Make slicing cuts across the face to the stop cuts. Our face should look something like this now. Draw in the bottom lip. Make a stop cut along the lip line. Wood Carving -Learning the process to Roughout a Face.

Carving faces from wood is an enjoyable pastime for carvers of all experience and skill levels. Carve the flat forehead plane so it slopes back into the wood. Take a large fairly flat gouge ( 3 or 5), and cut into the bark at a 30 to 40 angle. Angle down toward the area of wood that will contain the Wood spirit face. This woodspirit is a great first carving project for the beginning woodcarver and can be considered as an entry-level into faces. I’ve been using this simple and basic woodspirit face for many years as a teaching tool for helping the students in my woodshop class learn the elements of carving their own.


Hone your wood-carving skills and follow these step-by-step tips for whittling a super unique family portrait. At this point, the faces of your subjects should appear as raised, flat-topped ovals. In this DVD, Steve starts with a block of wood (or kits are available) and shows you how to carve it into great caricature faces that you make into gouge handles. Find great deals on eBay for Carved Wood Face in Sculpture and Carvings from Dealers and Resellers. He is wanting classic style faces carved into these keystones. Well, he wants a particular mood on these faces. 2 comments on Carving faces. In the book Carving Tree Bark, Plains cottonwood grows in southern Alberta, central Saskatchewan, and southwest Manitoba, Canada, and south throughout the Great Plains into North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Kansas, and eastern Oklahoma. Notice that I have cleaned the sides in the same manner that I would carve a face into the corner of a block of wood. This style of carving faces in bark is not a new one. Carving of wood spirits or wizards dates back hundreds of years, some say back to the middle ages or before.

How To Carve A Face In Wood (with Pictures)

Step 2: shaping the piece of wood. A tiki mask usually has a convex face. So, the first thing you have to do is make the face of the rectangular block into a convex face. 360. The uniform coloration of the wood and the cropping of the nose and eyes playfully disguises the subject. Carved wood figures always present an aura of mystery. Then carve a relief image into the wood block. How to Carve facial features on a wax head How to Carve facial features on a wax head Carve the face of a wax sculpture with the professional artist in this free sculpting video, covering how to sculpt eyes, lips, ears, and the nose. Andrew Thomas explains how to show age on a carved human face, using an elderly Native American male as a model. These emotions have to be recorded naturally to be of any real use when trying to recreate these feelings into your carving. The wood I used for my carving was American black walnut (Juglans niger), selected for its fine carving qualities and suitability to the subject.

Question: What suggestions can you give me for carving a woman’s face. Trouble is, no two pieces of wood are alike, and the precautionary steps that will work for one, carving in from the heart side, for example, will not be enough for another. (plaques that are not glued up), carve from the heartwood into the sapwood.