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Our toddler has found the joy of emptying his closet instead of sleeping during nap time. We’d like to restrict him of this entertainment, but his room has traditional sliding closet doors and we haven’t really seen any child-locking mechanisms. My boys are goetting into more and more stuff. I’m curious if anyone has had to babyproof sliding closet doors, and how? Hope this helps and good luck with baby proofing. 0. Hi everyone, I’m looking for some kind of childproofing device for sliding closet doors. These aren’t sliding bi-fold doors, but more like sliding.

how to childproof sliding closet doors 2So hubby is looking for some way of baby-proofing these doors. My 10.5mth old is able to hold onto the side of our built-in-wardrobe doors, and move along sideways with it (sometimes a bit too fast for her little legs!). See more about Sliding Closet Doors, Door Locks and Closet Doors. DS is ready to move to a toddler bed, but his room is actually the master and has two large closets with sliding doors. Our home is small and this.

Kidco Kidco Sliding Closet Door Lock, 2 pk., Childproofing-Door Safety, Kidco Sliding Closet Door Lock, The Kidco Sliding Closet Door Lock keeps sliding doors locked. Kidco Sliding Closet Door Lock, 2 pk. Protect little fingers from pinches with the Kidco adhesive Sliding Closet Door Lock. Check out our ideas to baby proof those doors and keep everyone safe! The first is that little hands can slide closet doors open and shut, creating a pinch hazard.

How To Baby-proof Built-in-wardrobe Doors?

how to childproof sliding closet doors 3+ FREE Shipping over 49) Sliding Closet Door Lock by KidCo 2pk. This sliding door lock is perfect for childproofing patio doors, closets, entertainment centers, and more. No drilling required the self-adhesive lock anchors firmly to most wood, glass, and mirrored surfaces. Closets that feature sliding doors are no match for a curious and energetic toddler with big ideas. Although sliding doors are a bit different to childproof, it is possible to keep a little person from gaining access to the closet. The Best Baby-Proofing Products: Reviews & Prices for the Top 50 Baby-Proofing Supplies for Stairs, Doors & Everywhere Else. There are times when you want to prevent your children from entering certain rooms or closets, and KidCo offers a solution for locking them out that is both quick and simple to install. Made especially for pocket doors, DoorSmoocher Childproof Sliding Pocket Door Locks are highly-rated by Amazon users. Show More. 2013 by 411 Safety Shop & Training. Call us: 515-777-3425. Find us: 411 5th Street West Des Moines, IA 50265. S339 Sliding Closet Door Lock. How to Install a Child-Proof Lock on Your Cabinet Door An important part of your cabinet door when you have a toddler in the home is a child proof lock. Child Safety Tip: Add a Sliding Closet Door Lock Adding a sliding closet door lock is an easy DIY project to keep your kids and your things safe.

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Glass Door – The Sliding Door Co. specializes in providing sliding closet doors, room divider, sliding glass doors, wardrobe doors & other interior sliding doors with superior levels of service throughout the United States. Best Sliding Door Locks – prevent break-ins and childproof those patio doors with this solid, metal to metal, double bolt lock. Kidco Sliding Closet Door Lock – 2 Pack- Sliding Closet Door Lock Features:2 Per PackageFor use with sliding closet doorsCan be used with wood or laminate material Great for sliding closet doors made of wood or laminate and even better where drilling. Baby Proofing. Our 2 year old has sliding closet doors in his room that are mirrored. He likes to push against them and bang into them. We’re worried he’s going to break them and could injure himself with the broken glass. Childproofing the closet doors all over the house is the best way to be sure that these items are left.