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The headboards attach to the frames with a bolt on either side through the frame and the legs of the headboard. I also use a nut on the inside of the metal frame to hold the bolt tight. How To Attach A Bolt Up A Frame To A Hook In Headboard all the info including how to how much and where to buy the kits. How to secure my headboard in a more sturdy fashion. Even if you attach it securely to the frame, every time to bed moves the headboard is likely to scuff or dent the wall.

how to connect headboard to frame 2Support your mattress with the sturdiest bed frame design available. The unique wedgelock connectors become stronger as more weight is applied and can support virtually any practical weight. Use a nail gun (if you have one it makes it much easier) and hit every connection 2-3 times. Then, pre-drill holes and add screws to every frame connection. AXON Full size Metal Bed Frame with Hook-on Headboard and Footboard Brackets.

35 Hook Plate Conversion Adapter Kit for Using a Bolt-On Frame with a Hook-On Headboard, Set of 4. 65 Adapto-Hook Headboard & Footboard Attachment Brackets, Set of 2. I need to adapt a modern bed frame to an antique headboard and footboard. Are you wanting to change the size of the bed, or simply provide way to attach rails?

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