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Take your headboard to the next level by building it into a rectangular box or cabinet. Create a masterpiece using wooden planks, with enough depth to store books, radios, clocks, clothing, linens or anything else you can dream up. I hope you’ll enjoy this project and consider creating your own variation; it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the artistic heritage of many world cultures- don’t be afraid to try this with indian block printed textiles, suzani or ikat fabrics from uzbekistan. Your headboard is attached- make sure you ask for mounts that can hold the weight of your headboard. A headboard is a versatile way to give new life to your bedroom. There are several ways to create a headboard, from the traditional approach, to more flexible space saving modern solutions.

how to create a headboard 2This projects shows the diversity of item you can use to create an original headboard. This one is realized with a reclaimed convenience store sign that looks as good as new and a beautiful eye-catching backdrop for a daybed. Learn how to transform an old door into a (nearly) new headboard. Make a DIY Headboard From a Repurposed Door. Transform an old door into a (nearly) new headboard. Creating a headboard with pictures is a stylish temporary solution for a bed that doesn’t have one. It’s also stylish and cost effective.

34 Diy Headboard Ideas

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How To Create A Headboard That Provides Storage Options