How To Cut Crown Molding For A Shelf Sample Plans PDF

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While I am trying to improve my crown molding cutting skills, I came up with an easy tutorial on how to build a ledge shelf with crown molding. The real reason she wanted the shelves: to provide a ledge for the baby video monitor:. Cut crown molding to fit and secure with finish nails. The simple solution is to create your own crown molding wall shelf for a fraction of the cost!. The easiest way to cut crown is to place the flat side down on the saw.

how to cut crown molding for a shelf 2How to make a Crown Molding Shelf / Tips and Techniques. Building a Crown molding shelf can intimidate many people only because of the miter cuts needed to return the crown molding to the wall. Watch this video to find out how to make a decorative wall shelf that uses interlocking beveled cleats to attach to the wall without any visible means of support. Construct a 5 wide by 7 deep by 28 long three-sided box from 3/4 birch plywood with mitered corners and a rabbeted groove cut in the bottom edge to accept a plywood bottom. Miter and attach 3 wide crown molding to the box under the shelf. She asked that I incorporate crown molding into the shelf, along with some hardware to hang hand towels. To cut an outside left corner, position the Kreg Crown Pro to the right side of the saw blade and place the crown molding upside down onto the angled surface.

You just have to know how to cut the simple outside corner cuts for crown molding to build the bottom part of the shelf that hides a hidden strip of wood the shelf is screwed to. Crown molding can create lovely shelves. The first thing to realize is how the crown molding fits in a miter saw in order to produce the correct mitered cuts. In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares some tricks of the trade for cutting crown molding.

Crown Molding Shelf

how to cut crown molding for a shelf 3A miter box helps you cut molding to create custom shelves. Transfer that measurement onto a piece of crown molding, marking the measurement on the molding with a pencil. This shelf is a broad, flat surface that performs as a handy display shelf. One skill you may wish to brush up on ahead of time is cutting and coping crown molding. After cutting each board I would check the fit and mark it for it’s desired location (i. Now cut the wood that you will attach to the crown molding to make a shelf. Again drill pilot holes where you will attach the wood to the crown molding. Then use the wood glue to glue the shelf in place. Slip the plywood between the lips and the shelf is ready to go. Here’s where the crown molding comes in. Cut a piece of crown molding the same length as the shelf. It’s pretty much just a short run of crown molding with a solid back that’s mounted to the wall. After jointing and gluing up the blank I wasn’t left with a thick enough blank to cut two shelves, so I wound up making one set, and re moving more wood that I should have, had I planned it better from the beginning.

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Crown molding can be used to make wall shelves that offer a depth of several inches, ideal for displaying artwork and other slim accent pieces. Use a guide for cutting crown molding, and note that the crown molding will be cut upside down. I’m going to focus on cutting crown molding and creating templates that make installation easy (ish). I’m working on a built in book shelf for my office. Cutting crown molding can be a little mystifying. I took one of the shelves over to my local True Value where they color matched it for me. First, cut the crown molding for the front of the bookcase, where the top length of the bookcase front will be the short point for doing the mitered cuts. I love how they finish off any plain shelf and turnes into an elegant one.

To construct a crown molding shelf it is preferable if you have a miter saw, as this will ensure cleaner 45o angled cuts. Also a finish nail gun is preferred as well, however a hammer and finish nails will also work.