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The nightstand is more than just a place to set your iPhone while you slumber. A well-styled bedside table not only helps create a balanc. How to Decorate with Pantone’s Colors of the Year theeverygirl. Work the Walls. Nightstands and adjustable lamps affixed to walls smartly save space in a small room. gives you 12 creative ideas for nightstand alternatives that can save you money and show off your favorite things.

how to decorate a nightstand 2Nightstands can tell you a lot about a person. One peek at a girl’s bedside table, and you’ll know what she drinks, the books she reads, her favorite late-night snacks, and which photos she treasures. When you decorate these furniture pieces, consider who will be using them to dress them appropriately. For example, if your outdated brass headboard and retro nightstands are fighting with your contemporary-style bedroom, update them with silver metallic paint to offer fresh, modern appeal. The function of a nightstand may be thought of more than its form or the sense of decor it brings to the room — it’s there to hold things you may need to access overnight or while relaxing in.

Let’s say you’re not looking for a necessarily more functional nightstand and bedside. What if you just want a fresh idea to really add interest to your bedroom? These seven rooms feature a unique take on the nightstand/beside area. No one wants to make decorating mistakes, but they happen to all of us. Can you tell that the lamp on the night stand is way too small for the bulkiness of the night stand and of course for the queen sized bed? This is nothing more than a night light in this room. Tips and inspiration for decorating his side of the bed. Not all nightstands have to be feminine. Here is a great example of a nigh stand decorated for a man.

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Yes, even your bedside table should be styled. Use the quick tips and tricks for decorating your nightstand! Decorating a nightstand or dresser is fun and easy and can help sell your home. The rule of 3’s is using 3 objects per table. Sometimes you can group similar objects such as books or picture frames and count that as one object. How to Create an Inimitable Bedroom with Mismatched Nightstands. Small bedroom decorating idea with mismatched bedside tables and a mirror From: Red Images Fine Photography Traditional and contemporary nightstands brought together From: House Over Head Give those old trunks a new lease of life by transforming them into decor Design: Dayna Katlin Interiors Gorgeous use of contrasting nightstands in black and white Design: Kwinter & Co Colorful bedroom with a truly global style Design: Alex Amend 6. Put these nightstand styling tips to work in just 10 minutes. Bonus: the ideas will help you style any surface in your house! They’re going back and forth on a pair of nightstands for the bed, he wants storage for his reading material, she wants something pretty and leggy and I was sharing with them that it’s possible to have different bedside tables because nightstands need not match.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: 7 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Bedside

When choosing the perfect nightstands to fit a room’s decor, it is important to not only examine the amount of available space, but also the style of other furniture and fixtures in the room.