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DIY instructions on how to install ceiling planks quickly and easily. With a unique clip system, created especially for Armstrong’s WoodHaven wood-look ceiling planks, installation is made easy. WoodHaven tongue and groove ceilings create a professional custom look that you can do yourself without the use of messy adhesives or special tools. Though pricier than using drywall, installing a wood ceiling adds home value, and you can’t beat how good it looks. So now I’m finally sharing how to install a wood planked ceiling all on your own. Once you are ready to cut your light holes, the best way to do this is with a hole saw bit.

how to do a wood ceiling 2Learn how to install solid wood ceiling paneling; watch a video containing installation tips; printable instructions include materials and tool lists. A miter saw work station will allow you to set your length and make a number of cuts without having to measure and mark each plank. For ceilings in good condition, you install wood planks by connecting their tongue-and-groove fasteners and then attaching. Installation of a wood ceiling is labor intensive which results in higher costs than a drywall ceiling. Watch this video to find out more.

Our kitchen ceiling is around 420 sq ft, but I ended up getting extra so I could do the dining area wall, my studio, and a wall in the living room (and hopefully have enough leftover for an accent wall in our bedroom). Do not bang on the tongue of a board to get it to fit better. Use a scrap piece of wood with a groove cut it in that fits over the tongue (or a scrap piece of ceiling material) and fit that over the board before tapping gently with a hammer. Get the look of a vintage wood ceiling on the cheap.

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how to do a wood ceiling 3Discover thousands of images about Wood Plank Ceiling on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. I’m already starting to collect wood palette’s to make a wood planked ceiling. The next step is to replicate the blue-painted wood ceiling in the inspiration photo up above, so this week, Kev and I are going to head back over there and install 165 square feet of Sea Salt-painted wood planks on the center part of the ceiling. When did you do this that you were able to find the planks at Lowes. I went to my local store today and couldn’t find them and don’t find them online. Installing a tongue and groove plank ceiling. Obviously, we installed the planks perpendicular to the ceiling joists so each plank would hit solid wood at several points across the span of the ceiling. I am gonna do my best to tell you how to install wood on your ceilings for a beautiful farmhouse look. I’ve always wanted to have wood ceilings. When we decided we wanted to do a wood planked ceiling in our sunroom, I think I kind of just envision walking into Home Depot, strolling down the beadboard ceiling aisle, and loading up our cart. Dislike popcorn ceiling as much as I do? You’ll end up with a little bit of paint buildup where the wood needs to fit together. Run an exacto knife along each painted edge to remove the gunk.

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Before I added the wood slat ceiling, my ceiling was really in sad shape. Then if we are going to paint, why not do something to that hideous ceiling while we are at it. We both thought of pallet wood and before we knew it we had a new project (like we didn’t have enough to do already. If sheet paneling is a little daunting, there are real-wood options at any lumber yard in nominal widths of 4 to 8 in. However, cutting, sanding and routing MDF is extremely dusty, so do all your power tool work outside or at least in the garage with the overhead door open, and be sure to wear a dust mask. If you love the natural look, you can panel your ceiling with any type of wood and still use the techniques we show.

In fact, you can do amazing things with wood, even in the bathroom. The wood is thin and lightweight, which is great for overhead installation. The old popcorn can sometimes make a ceiling a little waffly in places. How to instructions for installing tongue and groove wood paneling on walls or ceilings for an easy do-it-yourself project. A stable wooden ceiling that insulates the inside from the outside, and doubles as a floor for higher levels. Once the first Wooden Ceiling is placed, subsequent Wooden Ceilings can snap into place along the first one, allowing them to line up, provided that there is adequate room to do so. What tools do I need and what can be done to make the job go as smooth as silk? Barb F.