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Pages can generate an automatically updating table of contents (TOC) for your document, so as you add and delete content, the TOC is updated accordingly. Some Pages templates already include a table of contents, which you can edit. Learn how to add a sense of style to your Pages report with a smart Table of Contents. I’m not sure, but it seems as though you used Pages’ built in Table of Contents feature to automate the formatting. It appears that the special indent settings were accidentally removed, but luckily it is not hard to put them back.

how to edit table of contents in pages 2Is it possible to have multiple indentations in the table of contents (auto-generated according to the paragraph styling)? E. Using paragraph styles select the type of header text style sheets you need to use them as the focus of your Table of Contents. If the TOC does not show up, here’s the step that needs to done. On today’s episode lets create a table of contents in iWork pages. So say you’re creating a long document, or manual, or book, in pages, and you want to create a table of contents.

On this episode let’s look at creating a simple Table of Contents using Pages. To demonstrate creating a Table of Contents I’ve put some sample text here in a blank Pages document. To apply a style sheet to a text element within a paragraph use Character Styles. The automatic creation of Tables of Contents rely on correctly applied paragraph styles. Creating a table of contents provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Pages 5 Essential Training.


This displays the TOC tab in the Document Inspector, and you check the box next to each heading style you want the TOC to include. How to Create a table of contents in Pages ’09. How to Create and edit tables in Pages ’09 How to Create and edit tables in Pages ’09 Check out this informative video tutorial from Apple on how to create and edit tables in Pages ’09. You can generate a table of contents in Acrobat, but it’s usually much easier to do that in the application in which you’ve created your document (e. Some Pages templates already include a table of contents, which you can edit. You can also add a table of contents, then edit it to specify which parts of the document you want it to include. Ctrl click on headings in the TOC to follow links to headings in the document. Under Editing options, deselect Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink. You can also create a custom table of contents with the options you choose and any custom styles that you’ve applied by using the Table of Contents dialog box. Important: If you make changes to headings or pages in your document, you need to update the table of contents manually.

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Note: If you rename a TOC page, the topic title linked to the page isn’t affected. Similarly, if you change a topic title, the name of the TOC page isn’t affected. Wait until the draft is complete to apply final formatting. In Pages, using styles enables you to build a Table of Contents that automatically adds page numbers and updates them as your document grows and changes. Having a clickable table of contents that links to each chapter is a great way to simplify the reading process for your readers. Rather than having to scroll through hundreds of pages to get to a different page, they can quickly click through the table of contents! So here is how to do it. If you don’t like watching my videos, here are the quick steps to creating your dynamic table of contents:. For each page with more than three section headings, a table of contents (TOC) is automatically generated. Section editing alleviates some problems of large pages by making it slightly faster and much easier to find the text that you want to change.

By default, a table of contents (sometimes abbreviated to TOC) is automatically generated on a page when more than three section headings are used. To customize this for individual pages, the TOC can be enclosed in an element with class toclimit- limit, if the appropriate CSS rules are defined in Common. Creating a table of contents (TOC) in an InDesign document is like creating a massive set of cross references. When I export from InDesign CS6, all the links are working fine but after export it adds additional blank pages to the navigational TOC and to the epub itself. You can set this up at the beginning, middle or end of creating your document. Delete the table of contents and re-create it using the Word tool. I believe you can upload your word document to SkyDrive and there is a simplified editor there, but I haven’t tested. How can I add additional pages within a Google Doc? Use the Children Display macro to list the child pages of a page and the further descendants (children’s children). Wiki markup is useful when you need to add a macro outside the editor, for example as custom content in the sidebar, header or footer of a space. To generate a table of contents for a set of pages, simply pass them as comma separated arguments to the TOC macro:. TOC(Trac, WikiFormatting, WikiMacros) The following control arguments change the default behaviour of the TOC macro:.