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Hi John, I want to extend my 15 by 12 foot shed. Net If you were to upload a pic to John maybe hecould share it with the rest of us and we could give you some really good building tips for the extension of your shed. Decide where and how you want to attach the lean-to to your shed. Also, decide how the roof of the lean-to will interface with the roof of the shed. I agree, being a Yorkshire lad I’m firmly of the make do and mend school and if your existing shed is in good condition why throw away all that effort and money provided you can make the extension safely.

how to extend your shed 2We extended our garage roof to cover the shed as well. Then call your local building inspections department to find out if your shed location is OK and what’s required to get a building permit. You have an office in the garden that you want to connect to your broadband. Running a cable isn’t an option, so what do you do? Sheds can become more than a place to store gardening tools. They can become the outbuilding that extends your space in your home. Here are some options.

I have an existing shed laid on a brick and concrete base, however having been inspired by some of the sheds on here, I’d like to build a bigger shed. The new extended area would be ala mcmooter posts with the other ends laid on the old concrete perhaps? Any pics of your existing? Whether you need your current shed extended, or a custom shaped roof, Fair Dinkum Sheds can design something to suit. We have experience across Australia in many varieties of custom buildings in fact when you consider that our unique design software engineers your building as we design it, you could say that we only sell customised buildings. It is worth ordering your shed in the winter when the shed companies are quiet, you will get a better deal. The guttering needs to be extended and the shed needs the outside colour matching and coating with a quality shed treatment.

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how to extend your shed 3Add a garaport to your existing garage, creating an additional sheltered area to park your vehicle. Garaports extending from front and/or back of building (More Features). How to build a shed base If you decide to build your shed base storage sheds using paving slabs instead you’ll need: Pegs and string; Flat Face Paving Slabs; cheap shed kits Building sand;. Every garden needs a good potting shed and that’s why we provide an extensive range of great sheds here at Homebase, selling everything you could need to extend your. Ranbuild sells commercial sheds, industrial buildings and garages for commercial use. With our flexible designs you can add an annexe or awning to extend your covered area. Your Shed Gift Day could also extend out into the community, offering your items free or by donation to worthy causes. Rather than having to buy a second shed the SafeStor modular design principle allows you to easily lengthen your existing shed with our extension packs. Below are a few tips to help prevent burglars from targeting your sheds and summer houses and keep your garden havens safe. Extend your home burglar alarm to cover your garage, or add wireless detectors to your shed and outbuildings.

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Need a home office, a playspace or extra room for your stuff? 8 Projects to Renew Every Room in Your Home. Extend your indoors outdoors more. When it comes to inspired integration? Sheds and garage doors should also be a considered part of your master plan. Growing your own fruit and vegetables are just two ways of becoming more environmentally-friendly, but you could also include a garden shed. Other topics include how to match up a set of antlers, dealing with competition from other shed hunters and how to enter your sheds into the record book.

Add drama to your potting shed by extending it upward. A second story dormer window infuses this shed with natural sunlight. Dentil detailing at the eave line and doorway impart a touch of elegance, as do the checkerboard tile floor and topiary planters flanking the doorway.