How To Fix A Bird Box To A Tree Sample Plans PDF

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Boxes for tits, sparrows or starlings should be fixed two to four metres up a tree or a wall. Make sure that the birds have a clear flight path to the nest without any clutter directly in front of the entrance. Fixing your nestbox with nails may damage the tree. In gardens a nest box can be hung on every second tree if there are few other nesting sites nearby. Boxes can be fixed into position during most months of the year.

how to fix a bird box to a tree 2Placing a bird nesting box or ‘siting’ as it is called can be a real challenge. Also use the correct screws and nails. ie aluminium nails to secure to tree for safety if tree is cut down at a later stage. Woodpeckers and grey squirrels can be a problem in some areas and will happily enlarge the hole or make a hole in the side of the box. Not all birds are hole nesters, so if possible grow a variety of trees or shrubs to provide nest sites for blackbirds, thrushes and dunnocks to name but a few. I was wondering how one could attach nest boxes to trunks of trees as I wouldn’t want to damage the tree. Also, what height is it best to put the boxes at? I guess that if they were put out of reach then there would be a problem with being able to clean them out.

Don’t use nails to fix your nest box to a tree which may damage it. Use a nylon bolt or tie wire around the trunk or branch. Remember that trees grow in girth as well as height so you will need to check the fixing every couple of years. 1x 8mm drainage hole drilled into base of bird box. Fixing Your Bird Box up in Your Garden. Do not be tempted to nail or screw your bird box directly to a tree. Whether fixed to a tree or a wall, the height above ground is not critical to most species of bird, so long as the box is clear of inquisitive humans and prowling cats.

Siting A Nest Box And Bird Box

Barn Owl nest boxes in the UK & Ireland should be placed in open countryside in isolated trees or trees that overlook open habitat. All gardens can offer nest boxes for small birds. The best general tit box is the free-hanging 2M which is supplied with a stainless steel loop to fix around tree branches. How to put up an outdoor nest box for Barn Owls: Step-by-step photo guide instructions for fixing methods for exterior Barn Owl boxes. Fix a 25x50x90mm ‘hook’ at each end of the Tree Batten. How to build a nest box for tits and other types of nest boxes. Barn Owls, and Tawny Owls. These are usually placed in trees or buildings and at a height of 5 m (16 feet) or more. Don’t damage the tree when fixing the box to it. Secure it with a strap or wire rather than nail. Help your local bird population by feeding them and building some nestboxes. Tits – fix the box to (or near) an Oak tree if you have one. The best way to fix your box is to drill two holes in the tree / wall, insert plastic masonry plugs and fix using brass woodscrews.

Siting Your Nest Box