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Put up a curtain rod to hang curtains, so you can close the bed off. Dorm Decorating Ideas + Organizing + Storage Tips. The only difference is some rooms have carpet or lofted beds. Use the 3M Command mounting hooks on the wall under the fabric and cut a small slice in the fabric so that the hook can fit through and then hang your photos or art. One year she hung a closet rod along the front and hung drapes on a tension rod. Bed Bath & BeyondBed risers provide more under-the-bed storage. Buying a curtain rod at Target is easy, but if you can’t or don’t want curtains in your dorm, use removable wallpaper on your existing window shade.

how to hang curtains under dorm bed 2There’s a reason NYU calls them residence halls instead of dorms. I lofted my bed myself, and added three sets of bed-risers to give it an extra boost. Suction cup hooks can be used not only for your shower pouffes and loofahs, but also to hold up a dowel and put curtains on your window. I feel drapes that block light will be best around the bed, to block out creeper faces. I can’t even figure out how the OP would hang the curtains. In a dorm room? One suggestion. Bunk your bed up high with your desk under the bunk. Hang curtains from the ceiling with hooks and swoop them across either side of your bed.

You will also need to buy two expandable curtain rods, and any curtains of your liking. Assuming that your bunk bed is wedged in a corner against two walls, jam the rods on the two remaining sides with the open space. This is usually a straight forward project where the curtain rod hardware is simply screwed to wall. However, that doesn’t fly in dorm room because no holes are allowed to be put in the walls. This is an excellent way to privatize a dorm room, but college students whose parents aren’t as talented or handy can still create personal space. You can also screen in the front of the bed using the loft bed hack curtain idea. Put lounge chairs in front of the bunk beds, partially blocking access to the bottom bunk for maximum privacy.

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how to hang curtains under dorm bed 321 Ideas for Smart and Even Hilarious Dorm Room Decor – We’ve always wondered why more students don’t hang curtains under their lofted bed. Logic tells me that if you put a bunk bed into your kids’ room, the necessity to save space An easy way to get the canopy bed look is to hang curtains from an L-shaped drapery rod that’s been mounted to the ceiling. Did anyone else have a dorm room with the marimekko style canopy? I did put a large photo of the beach on the ceiling above my bed to remind me of home and added some curtains for a little privacy. Sadly all of my great decorative expectations and dorm decor ideas were quickly put on the backburner. Try using an over-the-door organizer for shoes and jewelry, or store your winter boots and coats in bins under your bed. The curtains will need to have their own bar and stuff too–there’s no curtain rod in the dorms, you have to put it all up yourself. I would say put them all under your bed (if your bed is on the bottom) in some sort of bin or shoe rack. Hang panels or use a screen to hide your bed: Dorm rooms can make you feel like everybody’s up in your business due to their size and the fact that your roommate is literally an arm’s length away at all times.

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If you bunk the beds, you gain floor space but can’t store much under the bed. Use them to attach a magnetic strip to the wall over a desk to make the most of this space. While some dorms come with loft beds that allow space underneath for a desk or dresser, students are usually not allowed to make that kind of modification themselves. Fit under your bed or can be stored under it in pull out drawers. Use tension rods to hang curtains without damaging walls. Dorm decorating ideas that will add comfort, utilize space, and add personality to your college dorm room. Add your favorite Instagram photos under a plexi top surface. Alternatively, use this under-bed space for storage to free up space elsewhere in the room. Create a canopy with a cheap sheer curtain, hang white strings of lights, and you’re in your own world.

Basic DIY curtains transform a loft bed into a private, cozy nook for a young girl. I decided to use them as ledges to help hold my cafe curtain rod. To avoid putting holes in the walls, use a tension rod to hang your curtains or get creative by using adhesive hooks to support the curtain rod. You can store a ton of stuff under your bed, which helps you control your clutter and keep your room looking great.