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Elfa Installation &Assembly Instructions. Ventilated Shelves and Shelf Baskets. Installing elfa yourself is easy, but if you find you need help, we’ve got tips, tricks and tools to make your DIY project perfect:. Assembly Video Instructions are available at As much as I laugh at the episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon is carrying multiple bags from the Container Store and declaring how neat she’s going to be and how wonderful that will make her, it’s true that accomplishing a big organizational project feels really good. A few months ago I succeeded in installing a closet system, and here’s a bit of what I can share about the process. The company’s directions should tell you how far from the ends and one another these bars should be to accommodate shelves and drawers.

how to install container store shelves 2So, go to the store (we went to Container Store) and do the design in person that s how they fill out your order, anyway, and you can lean over their shoulder and make tweaks. So, we went to The Container Store and designed an Elfa closet for ourselves. Also, although the shelves will install on brackets spaced less than 24 apart, there is only one right way to install them. Because the ClosetMaid system required that each shelf be installed separately, with the use of a gazillion anchors, I decided to install the Elfa Easy-Hang system from the Container Store instead.

If we really wanted to, we could remove the shoe shelving and recenter the drawers and top shelves to the center of the wall. Closet Inspiration & Trends (& 5,000 Container Store. When she moved out, she uninstalled her Elfa, put back the cheapo stuff, and repeated the process in her new place. I enter my craft room one evening after work to find my Elfa shelving hanging from the wall – AWAY from the wall. I also asked the sage Container Store person about the wood screws, and he said I NEEDED an electric screwdriver – not battery, electric. The Container Store has two customizable modular shelving and drawer systems: Elfa and Elfa D cor. Easy Track offers custom DIY closet kits with easy installation.

So You Think You Want To Install Elfa Closet Systems?

But if you’re having a closet system put in, going with their installation service is a nice perk. I love Elfa, the shelving/drawer system from The Container Store. Elfa is available online and at The Container Store. You can get the Closetmaid and Rubbermaid FastTrack shelves in longer lengths and cut them to size to save a little money if you don t mind doing the cutting yourself (you obviously also can also span greater lengths if you wish). Now owned by the Container Store, Elfa products provide custom. How to Make a Hanging Entertainment Shelf How to Install a Ventilated Shelf Closet Rod. Part of his cost is installation. I saw the Elfa system at the Container Store and like the way it looks but it is more. It is a double closet with 72 shelves and three vertical bars – one at each end and one in the middle. If you need Elfa or Skandia shelving, they have yearly sales, so make sure you buy your storage system then when you can save up to 30 off. My husband installed the closet (easy installation), but we discovered the lids to the 10 drawers were too big. We are considering installing an Elfa system to make more efficient use of a small reach-in closet in a second baby’s room. I’m typically not a fan of the wire shelving but in the store it does seem more stable than others I’ve seen (we can’t upgrade to solid shelves due to the size of the closet, apparently).

Honey We’re Home: Kid Closet Makeover (elfa Installation & Final Reveal)

I decided to put a couple of closet organizers to the test on my small, reach-in closet. I started with the Container Store, an easy pick because of its Elfa closet system. I want to design and install it myself, I have no interest in using the services of a Closet Design Engineer, or whatever those way-too-friendly folks at The Container Store call themselves. Buying Elfa shelving at Container Store is kind of a long process, but when you’re finished, you’ll know precisely how many screws and anchors you need, and what kind. Save with The Container Store coupons and promo codes for May 2016 on RetailMeNot. Details: Get Free elfa installation on elfa purchases over 750. Does your closet have built-ins like this? Is there wasted space? Do you wish that you could set it up differently? See below for how I transformed this closet using adjustable Elfa shelving from the Container Store. Or, more likely, they put no thought into how this closet would be used by actual people in real life.

Unfortunately Lundia purchased from the Container Store is not the same as LundiaUSA. This Lundia or Skandia was made in Europe, not the USA We are sorry to inform you but. Shelves will not fit and sizes are different. Lundia made in Europe will not interchange with Lundia USA If you purchased your Lundia in Europe, our parts will not work with your European system, even though they look alike.