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We show you how to make crisp, sharp corners and tight joints when installing door trim, window trim and a three-piece baseboard. How to Install Baseboard Molding, Even on Crooked Walls. See how to get perfect fitting door trim and tips for a lasting trim installation. Watch a complete video of a door getting trimmed. Casing is also the easiest type of molding to install because the joinery is simple, making it a perfect first project.

how to install door trim moulding 2Door trim, or what carpenters commonly refer to as casing, is the flat trim piece that covers the door jamb and the space between the wall and the door jamb. Installing molding around a doorway adds a touch of class to your interior design. Paint your molding and the wood casing inside your door frame using white glossy trim paint or the paint or stain color of your choice. Here’s an easy way to cut and install trim around a door that doesn’t need a lot of measuring and gets you tight, accurate mitered corners. Since I was going to be painting the trim I didn’t need more expensive stain grade molding but I still wanted to use solid wood, not composite.

If you have just installed a new door that needs a casing around it or you have decided to replace the casing around an existing door, you can achieve professional results quite easily. Installing Shoe Moulding National Gypsum GridMarx with install Watts SunTouch Sun Touch IMPORTANT: Read this before you start Introduction The key to a great looking door casing, and a great looking door, is perfectly mitered corners. Replacing the door trim with thick craftsman the chunky look! Love the chunky look! There is a variety of trim molding available to outline and accent your interior doors. Either browse through your local home improvement store or surf the net looking at various styles from which to choose.

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how to install door trim moulding 3Labor estimate to install door trim. Plane or sand jamb edge flush to wall. Measure, cut (miter or butt) trim and finish nail molding. Patch and smooth nail holes and if painting caulk edge gap. Molding strips on a hollow-core door instantly add class and elegance. From the experts at HGTV. How to Install a Sliding Door 01:00. The trim around doors is called casing and adds overall style and elegance to a door. Plus it conceals the gap between the doorframe and the opening. I’ve also painted the closet walls. The closet door jambs, casing and outside corner moulding will be painted next. Door Jamb and Door Casing Installation. Find moulding and millwork at We carry crown moulding, wall panels, wainscoting panels, window trim, door trim and more online or in store. Measure lengths for all ceiling and window trim. If you are installing new interior doors, measure the entire doorway. Use a miter saw to cut the moulding pieces to the desired length.

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Since we’re matching the trim molding found on the original 1926 Kuppersmith Project house, cutting and attaching the dozen different pieces required for each window and door facing is a labor intensive task. BMC assembles, delivers and installs pre-hung doors and windows, stairs, cabinets, and interior and exterior trim. In certain markets, we build custom mouldings, doors and windows, and other interior finish millwork, plus offer in-house pre-finishing services. Since installing this door trim was an afterthought on this project, we didn’t install new baseboards. Trick out your existing trim by adding another layer of trim moulding (or two or three layers) to really amp up the awesomeness of your doors and windows!. If you don’t like painting everything white, install wood molding that you can stain. Our house currently has no window trim, but has door trim and I want to add more trim.