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Hi guys, I’ve just bought a number of Ikea bookcases to make into a storage unit (something similar to this: They didn’t have a combination that matched my exact requirements so I bought separate units. I have the corner connectors and they’re fine, but there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of connecting two adjacent units together. HI got the CD units 6 connected together you can use a kitchen cabinet fixing bolt to connect them just drill through 2 adjacent shelf support holes and fit the bolt through. Push the bookcases together until there’s no gap between them. Don’t put doors on a Billy unless you can bolt it to a wall, it will fall forward when you open a door. Staining the bookcases and adding glass doors and lights at the top contributes to the high-end look. Their library has 60 Billy bookcases, stained to match the trim in the room. Even if you’re not up for a lot of cutting and measuring, you can still get the library look by lining up a lot of bookshelves together.

how to join two billy bookcases together 2(Kate’s hack on her blog Centsational Girl was my fave) I measured my space and consulted the good old website and finally settled on two full-size Billy bookcases and one narrow, all with the height extension added. Now it was go time, I centered the crown molding and put the first finish nail in. See more about Ikea Billy, Ikea Billy Bookcase and Library Wall. I can attach them together like a chain, but that won’t stop them from falling forward if the weight is jurt so, especially if dd2 decided to climb them. Maybe you can put some longer brackets across the bottom of the U (top of the bookshelves) from the bracketed ones to the freestanding ones. I would use pieces of chain and secure them each to an eye hook (or two) in the ceiling.

So, I have a couple Ikea Billy bookcases, normal. I don’t need to be super paranoid about level, i can just join together at sorta level. If done correctly the two shelves will now perfectly match to the floor at their intended position and be nice and vertical and straight. If you want to rescue this furniture, you have two choices: replace the back cardboard piece with something more sturdy like a thin piece of plywood (which you’ll need to cut to size and finish), or more easily reinforce the backing better. 1) put wood glue in all the dowel holes, and 2) screwed them together into 2 groups of 3, then attached them to the wall. Creating an Ikea built-in Billy bookshelf is something I have wanted to do in this room for years. I also knew that I didn’t want to cover up my brick wall, so we chose to put the bookshelves together without the flimsy cardboard backs. We chose to attach two blocks of wood to the studs in the wall on the right and left-hand side.

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I needed to have the two bookshelves I own taken apart by the moving company, I would have taken quite a bit longer to put them back together without this. Saturday night, we put 6 together (one of the standard Billys we will have to cut down for a custom fit for the small platform to the left of the sliding glass door) in about an hour and a half. See how we made our IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall. Before we added the trim work we put the sides in and made them flush with the sides of the bookcase then added the trim. The pop off panel slides under the crown on the top and we used two roller ball catches on each side. 12 CABINET CONNECTING BOLTS Furniture Joining Screws Connect Billy Ikea Bookcase in Home, Furniture & DIY, Kitchen Plumbing & Fittings, Kitchen Units & Sets eBay. Multiple Cabinets Or Bookcases Such As Ikea’s Billy Bookcase Together. Two, because it is a project that represents a point where we are at with our remodel that I was never sure if. So we spent an evening putting together bookshelves. Adding Crown Moulding to Billy bookcase 2 Adding Crown Moulding to Billy bookcase. The 15 deep Billys are 70 each so the cost for the Besta pieces plus two Billys was 424. One you have the units in place, screw them together so that the seams are tight!

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This post shows how to assembling an IKEA Billy bookcase. I’m thrilled to share, putting together the Billy shelves was the complete opposite experience. They have obviously put a lot of thought into how best to create their instructions because they were insanely easy to follow. They are even easy to assemble alone, although I think the directions recommend two folks. IKEA Billy shelves (preferably 40cm, as 80cm tend to cave in after a while I used my old Billy 60cm which are unfortunately no longer to be found in the IKEA Billy assortment). Wood trim, about 20-21mm wide, to cover the horisontal front ledge of the individual shelves of the Billy bookshelf. ) On top of the base board I mounted a customized construction which I made out of two old Billy Height extension units I had and some scrap pieces of board. The screw-free IKEA hinge system means adding doors is done in a couple of minutes! Built in bookcases and Ikea Bill Bookcases. It’s not built-ins, per se, but we’re combining two billy bookcases into one large unit.