How To Make A Cat Tree Out Of Cardboard Boxes Sample Plans PDF

Make a Cardboard Cat Castle: Conspire with your kids to create a royal playhouse for your felines!. Nice cat tree- or should I say- tower? Click here to find out more. You can make a Kitty Condo out of your old moving boxes. Cute ideas for creating fun cat houses out of boxes!

how to make a cat tree out of cardboard boxes 2It is easy for you to make, but the cats don’t care! You will have lots of fun watching your cat play and knowing that you are doing something good for the environment by not buying something brand new made out of non-recyclable materials! I like to use boxes that are made of thick cardboard so that they will last longer. Are you looking for an inexpensive way to give your cat a safe way to play around the house? Building a kitty condo from cardboard boxes will save you the cost of purchasing retail cat furniture, and. Spread the remaining flaps on the second box out so they lay flat against the top of the bottom box and tape them down securely. How to Make a Cardboard Cat Playhouse. Your cat will love to meander through her very own playhouse, which you can construct from three cardboard boxes in just a few simple steps. It would be easy to make out of 1/4-inch plywood.

When it comes to cat beds, houses, trees, and other furniture, you more than often will find your cat preferring to lay in a regular old box you got in the mail from Amazon. Here are some fun and creative DIY cardboard box designs you can make for your cat! Glue guns are great for cardboard crafts but NEVER leave the fine strings hanging off, it is an open invitation for your cat to eat it. You can, however, create a simple cat furniture tree out of boxes around your home and scraps of carpet. Building your own cat tree can help save your furniture and provide your cat with some great vantage points. In Sydney, for example, Reverse Garbage has everything you need to make a cheap and unique piece of cat furniture such as carpet off-cuts, cardboard tubes, pieces of wood and various other pieces. Those thick boxes from the fruit shop would be excellent for making a temporary cat tree, just stack them and cut some holes out to create some nice cubby-holes.

5 Minute Recycled Cardboard Kitty Condo

Here are seven DIY cat tree projects that you can try at home. Nature to make a simple two-story climbing structure out of cardboard boxes. Cat trees provide a great place for your cats to hang out, sleep and play. Making Your Own Cat Tree, Photo of a homemade cat tree. My husband suggests that all perches and boxes be made and covered with fake fur beforehand. For the top, I am going to glue the flaps shut and cover with another piece of cardboard for strength. Cat Condo Nerd Dot Com: DIY Cat Tree / Condo / Resort from Cardboard. Cats make use of horizontal and vertical aspects of the environment. If there’s a timid cat living in your home, the addition of a cat tree can provide a safe place for him to stay out in the open while still feeling secure. In our home, we often create cardboard box cat trees and my children decorate them. Cardboard boxes can be obtained for free from membership warehouse stores, liquor stores, furniture stores, discount stores, copy shops, toy stores, or grocery stores. Connect the boxes by building tunnels out of smaller boxes, and by gluing and taping everything in place. A few fun DIY projects can keep you and your cat(s) happy for hours. Tags: animals, cat, cat towers, cat toys, cat tree house, cats, DIY projects, pets.

Diy Cardboard Box Homes And Towers For Cats

There is a wide range of out of the ordinary designs available, so you and your cat don’t have to accept the usual, you can have the special, the individual, the standout!. Molly and Friends make excellent cat trees and climbers. Just think of the wonderfully individual cat furniture you can construct from a few suitably sized cardboard boxes. So, taking a cue from them, I designed a cat tree that turns four regular cardboard boxes into a flashy two-story cat rocket. Step 3: Cut out this entrance using a box cutter. This brand new cardboard cat furniture line is taking modularity to a new level! Katris from the design team at Papercut Lab, is a system of sturdy cardboard shapes that fit together just like the shapes in the game Tetris, allowing you to create an endless number of configurations. You can build up and out in any direction, and the end result looks like a piece of modern sculpture. Make your own cat scratching post, cat bed and cat tower. Measure the length and depth of the box, then use a utility knife to cut strips of cardboard in those same dimensions.

When possible, choose cat trees with single-size cat perches so cats don’t have to share the space. Finally, pull out the paint rack and secure a fluffy cat bed or cardboard box there for lounging or hiding. Recycle Cardboard Boxes into a Durable Cat Scratching Pad. If you already have the scratching post side of things taken care of, you could always build a kitty chaise lounge or go all out and build a DIY cat tree. I have one free wall in my tiny apartment for a cat tree. I really like the look of these corrugated cardboard pieces, and also these, and I know my cats would love something made out of that material. Amber_dale: The kittypod I referenced is really heavy-duty; it seems to last much longer than the type used in cardboard boxes. It’s definitely woof it to take a look at these easy projects and find the purrfect fit for your animal family. The Hard Work Pays Off Automatic Cat Feeder. Cardboard is great for making cat products because it can take most any form, it s relatively inexpensive, and to top things off, cardboard is eco-friendly. Most cardboard cat products can be recycled once kitty has used the life out of them. These pieces are more like fine furniture, and, although kitty may scratch on them, she will definitely enjoy lounging around on them, too. And for more complex play, you’ll love the Cat Amazing cardboard puzzle box for cats, with beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of play.