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I have been looking at a lot of DIY pochade box conversions out there and nothing comes close to the functionality and aesthetic here. Easy steps and instructions to Build a Pochade Box from a Cigar Box. Palette made from bottom of the odd-ball third cigar box Take apart the third odd ball sized cigar box and with skill saw, cut a square palette that will fit into the bottom of the other boxes.

how to make a cigar box easel 2I’m looking for a homemade box to put on my French easel to hold pastels. Any ideas? The lid will be used as the easel so I added this strong bracket to one side for support also the bottom has been modified to fit the top of the tripod. Such a great design! Once opened, an empty box will still have a strong cigar small.

It turns out a deeper cigar box is needed for that. Pochade Box – Step by step instructions on how to make your own for 11.00. This allows one to change the angle of the open lid (your easel) to suit you. Even though I have a very handy and lightweight field easel (Yarka Junior. Russian, no longer manufactured), I prefer to use a pochade box if I will be traveling by air. ANSWER: The homemade cigar box pochade.

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how to make a cigar box easel 3Our new and improved Cigar Box V 2.0 is perfect for day trips! 0 is perfect for day trips! This economical pochade box takes its name from the 19th century practice of making simple pochade boxes from cigar boxes. Packing your painting kit for a trip away painting is never ‘easy’. I will take my sturdy French easel and as many pastels as I can find boxes for. A pochade box, then, is a portable painting box with a built in easel, meant to facilitate the creation of small alla prima paintings or sketches. In this YouTube video, Joanie Springer demos a quick and dirty conversion for cigar box and artists paint box to DIY pochade boxes. I will build a pochade using a cigar box combining methods in the videos. The economical Guerrilla Painter Cigar Box V 2.0 takes its name from the 19th century practice of making simple pochade boxes from cigar boxes.

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Guerrilla Painter 8×10 Slip-In Easel for the Cigar Box + Quick Shop. If you want to build one you will need to get a large cigar box and the hardware listed at the end of this post. For a slightly different way to build a pochade box visit I started with their design and modified it extensively. Jeff Allen says, I made this box for a trip to Hawaii. Hooking a cigar box to a metal tripod easel. I’m sure your car was stopped long enough to work on your sketch, but that was not what had perked my curiosity. i was fascinated with your homemade pochade box, and also wondered how some other artists as you work from what looks to me like a congested palette space how do you organize yourself, and your workflow work on such a small surface; how do you use the small space to mix different colors; do you wipe off the small space in between colors mixes; do you have habitual stages, for example, you mix for sky, then the middle ground, and then the foreground?.

Offering more than 80 of the storage capacity of a traditional French easel, it’s ideal for most plein air work. I removed most of the cigar dividers to make room for supplies. Join our mailing list to receive painting tips and techniques and new artwork hot off the easel. There are a load of web sites showing how to make a pochade box which is mounted on a tripod from one of the multiples at a very reasonable cost So surf away and keep your costs down. And here’s a zero cost alternative made from a cigar box – it looks a bit ‘Blue Peter’ because its a prototype/experiment and anyway I’m no DIY expert.