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Going green and creating your own compost bin isn’t as hard as you might think. All those grass clippings, plant prunings, and other yard stuff is easily recycled into compost. You can build a compost bin from wood pallets in a few easy steps. The whole process is described here, but first take a look at the pros and cons of using pallets to make your bins:. 8 wood pallets of the same size (They don’t have to be in perfect condition) durable/malleable wire pliers (preferably with some sort of cutters) hammer pitch fork greens such as green grass, green leaves, garden thinnings, manure (no dog, cat, or bird poop) browns such as dead plant stocks, brown leaves, straw.

how to make a compost bin from pallets 2Keep your plants happy by building a compost bin, to make rich, home-made mulch, in this simple step by step project, from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. 2 Take a pallet and stand it on its long edge to form the back edge of the compost bin. If you’re itching to take advantage of those extra shipping pallets you have in the garage, here’s how to build a compost bin using them for a frame. Make your Own Compost Bin for Less! Pallet Compost Bin DIY. There’s a lot of buzz around upcycling and using wooden pallets these days.

If you anticipate a deeper compost pile, consider sawing your front pallet in half, as long as this provides easy access for compost removal. Save money on a compost bin by building your own. You can recycle wooden pallets, trash cans, barrels and cinder blocks for these projects. If you’re serious about reusing unwanted materials and you’re eager to start composting, this is the project for you. By building a compost bin out of discarded wooden pallets, you will have a sturdy container for concocting your compost cocktail for less than 20.

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Video showing how to make a pallet compost bin. This Pallet compost bin is not only easy to make, it looks good, and is the cheapest and in my opinion one of the best composting methods for an allotment. Cheap rotting: Andy Hamilton’s compost bins made of old pallets. To make a simple compost bin, firstly get four pallets of roughly the same size. Build your own compost bin from reclaimed shipping pallets. Have some yard cleanup to do anyway? Try this pallet compost bin we built out of repurposed pallets and zip ties. It takes less than an hour, and is actually a great compost bin, due to the way the pallets create structure to the pile, but also allow ventilation. The double-bin pallet composter is a simple structure that looks and works great! We built our 2 bin system from 3 free pallets and (5) 2 x 4 x 10′ boards in just a couple of hours. Build a Compost Bin from Pallets – this is such an easy project, get composting today!

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We picked out 23 of our favorite compost bin ideas for you to try out. We have everything from building a compost bin from pallets, building a DIY compost tumbler, to building a garbage can compost bin. Fundamentals of composting: How to build your own compost bin. Some gardeners take four wood pallets, often available free from shipping companies, and stand them on edge to form a square. The easiest, cheapest, most eco-friendly material to use for your compost bin are wood pallets. Not only are the pallets free, but they already have slats built right in for the air to be able to get to your compost pile. This is what my current compost pile looks like. It’s an overgrown mess. It started out 5 years ago as a little tiny pile but because there wasn’t much in the way of a boundary around it, the pile just grew until it was an unwieldy mess.