How To Make A Dog Bed From An Old Suitcase Sample Plans PDF

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The old suitcase pockets inside are purr-fect for storing pet accessories like leashes, collars and more. Though perfect for storage, they also make great pet beds. Vintage suitcases may not be the best luggage to travel with anymore because they are bulky, heavy and don’t hold a lot but they are good for so many other things. The one in the featured image was from a quilt purchased at Marshalls and there was plenty of fabric to make several pet beds. Chic on the Cheap: Pet Bed Step by Step. I started off with this vintage suitcase I bought for 3. If only I had a pet to make a pet bed for!

how to make a dog bed from an old suitcase 2We make one of a kind custom made suitcase pet beds to suit your pet and fit in your home decor. We make them to suit your pet as well as your decor! We have many styles of legs & bases to choose from – really short to tall – vintage to modern – in the color you like. Share this DIY project with others on Pinterest See our other DIY suitcase projects for even more vintage luggage inspiration!xo,RucheP. I’ve seen these in a few boutique pet shops all over. So I figured I try my hand at creating one. Today, we’re going to make Kenya a cat bed out of a old, hard suitcase.

Vintage Suitcase Blue Train Case Monarch Vinyl Suitcase, luggage, make up case No. Now you can make a beautiful dog bed out of your old suitcase, you think it’s impossible? Just follow the steps below and you will have the most beautiful dog bed ever. With an old suitcase and a few easy to find materials, you can craft your own Deluxe Dog Bed in just minutes. Not only that but once your dog is used to the bed it is easy to travel with.


how to make a dog bed from an old suitcase 3Make a comfy pet bed using an old table, TV or other furniture you have collecting dust in your garage or basement. And here’s a variation of the suitcase bed where the top has been removed.

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