How To Make A Dog Bed Out Of A Suitcase Sample Plans PDF

how to make a dog bed out of a suitcase 1

Now you can solve these seemingly unrelated problems by creating stylish pet beds out of recycled suitcases! recycled suitcase pet bed. Smaller dogs and cats love a cozy bed and a suitcase may become the ideal snooze spot. Before committing to this bed, make sure your pet can fit safely and easily inside one side of the suitcase. (Cut off or remove anything you’re concerned about.). Instructions to make your own Suitcase Pet Bed here.

how to make a dog bed out of a suitcase 2We make one of a kind custom made suitcase pet beds to suit your pet and fit in your home decor. I started off with this vintage suitcase I bought for 3. Do you see its dark out in the next photo? If only I had a pet to make a pet bed for! But this DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed is giving me a whole different perspective: instead I could just trick them into crawling into this comfy looking bed, slam it shut, punch a few air-holes in the top and mail it off to somewhere far away and include no return address might as well keep the dogs who do absolutely nothing all day if it warrants having such cute accessories lying around the house! Plus, this gives a whole new meaning to the expression living out of a suitcase, does it not? I’ve been trying to do that for years.

Kirsten’s Suitcase Pet Bed. Turn pillow right side out and stuff. Repurpose a vintage suitcase into a pet bed with this DIY project. Fido will love his new comfy dog bed. Photo by Karen K. Check out Try This: Suitcase Chair. Vintage suitcase pet beds are an inexpensive creative option to work a stylish’ pet bed into a room and they’re the perfect snuggle spot for cats and dogs.


how to make a dog bed from an old suitcase 3Puppy presents are some of my favorite to pick out each year and this one is no different! My first sewing machine wore out after fifteen years of hard labour and I’ve had my second one for fifteen too, although. How To Make A Dog Bed From An Old Suitcase. This vintage suitcase dog bed is an easy do-it-yourself project for any crafty pet parent.

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