How To Make A Dog Bed Out Of Old Suitcase Sample Plans PDF

Admit it: As much as you love your pets, you could make do without some of their accessories especially the bulkier ones that take up space and look, well, functional at best. This pet bed, made out of an old trunk, is just purr-fect for the well-traveled cat. How to Make a Pet Bed from an Old Suitcase. Before you toss that old suitcase, consider how you can repurpose it to meet your furry companion’s needs. Clean out the suitcase. ) I made the pillow using three different fabrics but you could easily make it out of one or two.

how to make a dog bed out of old suitcase 2Measure and cut out a piece of foam to fit inside of the suitcase. DIY suitcase projects for even more vintage luggage inspiration!xo,RucheP. Beau & Roux’s Corner- DIY Pet Bed. Roux’s corner I have a fun DIY pet bed you can make from an old suitcase. My suitcase had a piano hinge which we were able to just pull out easily with pliers. My pet bed fit a standard pillow. I used a sham from our old Ikea duvet cover. STEP 5 Place the pillow in the suitcase and tuck the corners in. We lucked out because our suitcase was the perfect size for the pillow we used.

Make a comfy pet bed using an old table, TV or other furniture you have collecting dust in your garage or basement. And here’s a variation of the suitcase bed where the top has been removed. (And check out how they upcycled even the feet by using baseballs!). DIY Suitcase Dog Bed: Is your pup’s bed an eyesore in your home? Pin. 18. T-Shirt Dog Toy: How to make a tug toy out of old t-shirts, on the BarkPost! You can easily create a fun and frugal pet bed out of an old suitcase in just minutes. Choose an easy to care for fabric that will wash well.

Dog Bed Suitcase Diy

Pet Holiday Gift Guide + Suitcase Bed DIY. Puppy presents are some of my favorite to pick out each year and this one is no different! Here’s a few things I think would make rad gifts!. You now have a sweet pet bed!

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