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On the Router Workshop we use spacer fences to make decorative box joints, dovetail splices, and sliding dovetails. Please note this jig is not used for making dovetails on corners. Setting Up For The Dovetail Splice. Use a 1/2 14 degree dovetail bit in a table mounted router. Dovetails are one of the most popular and often made joints in woodworking, and this sled is designed to make cutting them as simple as possible. For the Dovetail Sled’s Diagram and Materials List, click here to download the PDF. Using a taper jig on the table saw, cut two pairs of 8 wedges out of 3/4 stock. I have always wanted one of those big, expensive dovetail machines that are super accurate and fully adjustable. It will also make sliding dovetail joints and router dadoes! Dovetail Jig. Horizontal Router. Worksharp 3000 Drill Press Table Router Table Fence.

how to make a dovetail jig for router table 2Using t track curtain rail is a good idea for improving my router template. How to Build Your Own Woodworking Jig: Table Saw Jointer Jig. A special jig can guide a router to make perfect dovetail cuts in wood. Here’s how to use a dovetail jig to create a dovetail joint. You can make your own router table easily enough, and many table saws have extension wings that accept a router. And while it is possible to cut dovetail joints by hand, using a router and dovetail template is precise and much faster. MORE DIY: Make Your Own Router Jig.

Includes a printable PDF plan for the router table featured in the video – Getting the Most Out of Your Router Table. A clever jig used to guide a router while cutting cross dovetail splines in a miter joint. The two chapters are in Section 4: Make Your Own Dovetail Jig on page 80 and Shopmade Dovetail Templates on page 84. If cut on a table saw wouldn’t it be a box joint? Never ever having bought a jig I set out to make a dovetail Jig and produced a dovtail joint with the second cut Tom. Clamped the two together with the fingers and slots lined up, and used the router table and a pattern bit to duplicate the rounded end on the other fingers.

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how to make a dovetail jig for router table 3Create strong, fine looking dovetail joints with this easy-to-use dovetail jig and your router. Fixture holds both work pieces simultaneously – both male and female dovetail cuts are made at the same time. Save time when making drawers by using a router and jig to rout away dovetail waste, says Nick Geard. Nick using his dovetail jig to remove waste between pins. The Master Joinery Set is a complete joinery solution. Make half-blind dovetail, through dovetail and box joints. Includes 6 templates, 3 bushings, and 6 router bits!. Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig – Dovetail Jigs at Highland Woodworking, authorized Leigh Jig Dealer. Make perfect dovetails and box joints easily on your router table. The Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail Jig makes precise joinery easy. Simply center the board on the template and guide the jig across the router table to rout the joints.

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Looking for a rock solid way to join drawers that doesn’t require a dovetail jig? If you’ve got a router table, you can easily make a sliding dovetail and get many of the strength advantages a half-blind or through dovetail would provide. Make ultra-precise and tight fitting box joints with your router or table saw. This jig makes it easy because the work moves over the jig. Expand your Leigh Jigs Router Table Dovetail Jig with this versatile kit. It also performs all your router table tasks such as Decorative Profiles and Grooves. Cutting on the X and Y axis forms the basis of nearly all jointing operations. However, buy a WoodRat and you wont need a Dovetail Jig, M&T Jig or Router Table. Now I was tempted by the incra router table and fence system which seems accurate at least. I have tried several different router-dovetail jigs with varying levels of success.

Leigh’s RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig is designed specifically for router table use. The RTJ400 offers fast and accurate routing of through dovetails, box joints and half-blind dovetails on your router table.