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Missing the other half and need to wrap a gift? No problem! How to Turn Half of a Gift Box Into a Smaller Box This Christmas. 11 Dollar Store Buys That Make Fantastic Bathroom Organizers Decorating Ideas. Share. Today I’m going to share a little trick with you that my mom taught my sister and I several years ago when we started wrapping lots of gifts ourselves. How to turn half of a shirt box into a whole smaller box. There you are in the throws of wrapping. Plenty of shirt boxes at hand, but it is a smaller box you desire. This little trick I learned from my mother.

how to make a gift box smaller 2Make your own gift box with fitting lid using this design template. This Instructable will show you how to make a gift box from two pieces of construction paper. Fold each piece of paper along a diagonal Cut the piece for the lid into a square Draw a line 3/8 smaller on the second piece and cut it along the line into a slightly smaller square. How to Make a Gift Box out of a Greeting Card. This is a great way to recycle old greeting cards and make little boxes for small gifts (or for storing small objects).

This is a very versatile box that can be used to package almost any gift. It can also be made without the lid and used as a letter box, napkin holder, etc. Make a lightweight box by printing directly on cardstock. Small Deeper. Fold the other side the same way. Fold 4 boxes of the same size. Fold 1 with a piece of square paper that is 1/2 inch smaller on all sides. This is going to be a lid. Origami Pencil Box Video Tutorial, Learn how to make an origami pencil box with a hinged lid with this easy to follow step by step video tutorial! Perfect to use for pens or as a gift box! pencilbox.

Make Your Own Gift Box With Lid: Video Tutorial

how to make a gift box smaller 3Learn how to make a gift box out of pretty scrapbook paper! To honor the small gifts in life, here is a really cool tutorial on how to wrap up your awesome heart-felt gift with something handmade: your own DIY gift box from scrapbook paper:. Knowing how to fold a paper gift box is an important tool to have in your crafty arsenal. Once you know how to do it, you can make one in any size you like using any paper you please. To make a lidded box, you will need two pieces of paper that are perfect squares the paper for the box bottom needs to be half an inch smaller than the paper for the box top. Simple steps to help make wrapping easier by reducing a large gift box to a smaller gift box. Small Gift Box. ABOUT ME. Avoid awkward wrapping with one of our branded gift boxes. Make sure you check the measurements of your gift and the box! Make A Gift Box Smaller. Make your own gift box with fitting lid using this design template. It’s a simple box you can make in 10 minutes, but it looks beautiful. This is another one of those crafts that I used to make in school. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to create gift boxes for small presents like sweets or tealights.

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This video tutorial shows the basics of how to make a box, with a lid. Part 1 of 3 – How to Origami a small gift box by folding paper. Part 2 of 3 – How to Origami a small gift box by folding paper. I decided to use this to embellish the gift box I needed to make for my aunt-in-law, since she s a lady who loves patterns like this (My husband has even said he s seen a pattern similar to this on one of her leggings!). Learn how to make a pretty folded paper DIY gift box from two single sheets of square paper!