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Making your bed with the same technique found in hotels will not only bring your whole room together but give you a better night’s rest. Thread count will somewhat factor in how comfortable your sheets are. Now, I’ve found a million videos on how to make a bed and while some are correct, they’re all pretty technical and time-consuming. Martha Stewart makes a comfortable bed with the addition of a wool pad and buckwheat hull pillow.

how to make a hotel bed youtube 2The uploaders making a mint from YouTube: Analytics reveal video site’s richlist – and a gamer takes top spot with 10million. He currently uploads at least one 20-minute video a day using his bedroom studio. If you don’t see the video above, Click here to go to the YouTube page! This instructible will teach you how to check your hotel bed sheets before you stay in a new hotel room to make sure they were changed. Every room in a hotel is supposed to have fresh sheets after a guest leaves. We work with getaroom to make your booking as easy as possible.

And then for people who have no idea about YouTube, it’s the story of how the hell somebody who makes videos in her room can go on a world tour that gets sold out over and over and over again. ‘It looked like black mud was jammed into the seam of the bed’. Their initial hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards where they have easy access to people to bite in the night, says WebMD. Her OG tutorial How To: Flawless Red Lips still holds up. Woowwww, Blair certainly has come a long way since posting low-fi videos in her bedroom, but TBH, she looks exactly the same. Patricia’s oldest video is her straight-up just hanging out in an NYC hotel room because she’s lonely.

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how to make a hotel bed youtube 3Creating a hotel bed at home however, is not the chore it seems to be. From there, it’s really about just how well you can make a bed (but that’s where you should call and ask mom). Marriott is now letting you stream Netflix, YouTube and Hulu directly onto its hotel TVs. You’re stuck with one of those big, clunky (easy to clean, worthless if stolen) hotel remotes, and there’s no way to control the service from your smartphone. Kicking back on the bed and watching shows I actually wanted to watch felt a lot more enjoyable than flipping through linear channels, or balancing my laptop on my knees. Even luxury hotels, like New York City’s Ritz-Carlton, are susceptible to these unwelcome guests. Here’s how:. Bring your luggage to a clean bathtub or a rack that will keep it off the floor until you have inspected the room. YouTube/About.comCheck for bed bugs in the corners of the bed. Even in luxury hotels, you should check for bed bugs. Here’s how:. Bring your luggage to a clean bathtub or a rack that will keep it off the floor until you have inspected the room. If you’ve ever tried to put a duvet cover onto a comforter (or duvet), you probably know a unique kind of bed-making frustration. Master bed maker Scott Culley demonstrates this method in all of two minutes in the YouTube video above. She complained but I just put money in the Magic Fingers.

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Garth Brooks Weighs In on Spotify Controversy, Calls YouTube ‘The Devil’. I said, ‘I just have the first question: How do you get out? Anyway, I like to have coordinating pillowcases for my pillows because they act as my pillow shams. That’s how the owners left it and at first I hated it for a bedroom color. Ditto the comment on tending to go to YouTube to be spoon fed DIY how tos. We stayed in a high end hotel recently and all of the pillow cases were made this way. ‘By Golly!’ A Ghost May Have Been Spotted at the Stanley Hotel. 1/ 84.