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DIY Cardboard Valentine Mailbox Idea! See more creative DIY Valentine’s Day box ideas for kids on Get the kids excited for the holiday with these 29 Adorable DIY Valentine Box Ideas. Mailbox Valentine Box Ideas valentine cards candy SheGreenville. Learn how to make a mailbox out of an old shoebox that the kids will have a lot of fun playing with. Here’s a special mailbox for your preschooler to collect valentines. Begin with a shoe box and then add our stickers and some vibrant trim. Step 1: Wrap the shoe box (A good make-ahead step for parents)Use a utility knife (grownups only!) to cut a 1-inch-wide by 6-inch-long slot in the top of the shoe box where the valentines can be dropped. Print and help your preschooler cut out the Nick Jr. Valentines Stickers you’ll want to use.

how to make a mailbox out of a shoe box 2A shoebox adventure is multi-dimensional, whether you make a mini-theater, a zoo, a fish tank or something your kids haven’t imagined yet. You and your kids can create characters and a backstory, make a shoebox home where they can come to life and then enter into your imaginary world again and again for hours of fun, creative play. Another option: measure and cut out rectangles to fit inside the shoebox, and create custom backgrounds. Simply tack or tape backdrops into the base of the shoebox. Also use your mailbox to gather ideas for outings, family meeting topics and other activities. Some Final Thoughts. How to make Valentines box and Valentine holder with your kids for home or school. These creative Valentine box ideas include envelopes, mailbox and even a Valentine monster. Valentine Box. 7. Lego Valentine Box Lego lovers will adore this Valentine box. You can either spray paint a shoe box or cover it in paper. If you want to decorate your mailbox to use for valentines, but would like to reuse it for other holidays too, check out these cute Valentine Mailbox Magnets. How to Make a Mailbox Out of a Shoe Box for Kids. Young children enjoy dramatic play and acting out many different occupations. Many kids like to pretend to be mail carriers and deliver letters to their friends and family members. You can create mailboxes using shoeboxes and a few other simple materials, and really give your children’s dramatic.

8 great Valentine’s Day Mailbox crafts, most easy enough for preschoolers to be able to do, some are a bit more difficult and might be better as multi-day art projects. Shoebox. Paper Plate Valentine Mailbox. Paper Plates. Large Laundry Box Valentine Mailbox. Large Laundry Box. Here are some cute ideas for your kids to turn a shoebox into something special. DIY6. How to make a mini city out of paper rolls pencil-pen-kids-games-oct11-feature 8 fun pencil and paper games for kids (+ printables!). Are your kids decorating a shoebox to hold all those cute little greetings on Valentine’s Day? I used tacky glue & duct tape to secure my blue construction paper wrap job, making sure the tape wouldn’t show when the top is on. Really, cutting the opening is quite sufficient, but I wanted an upgraded feel to this mailbox (yes, I am a nerd), so I constructed a simple mail chute out of three pieces of thin cardboard and secured it to the mail slot with duct tape.

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how to make a mailbox out of a shoe box 3Valentine’s box ideas. One of the staple craft projects for Valentine’s Day is making a card box. Instead of using the standard shoe box for your kids’ Valentine’s mailbox, decorate an empty cereal box instead. It fits better in their backpacks. When my son was in second grade, we made a log cabin out of cardboard and peeled it off. We also painted it brown. Over the next year I ran this SIM card business out of a shoebox filled with SIM cards, envelopes and stamps, and sold close to 1,500 SIM cards for a return on investment of over 600. I was making 600 ROI but I could have made even more had I not made some big mistakes along the way. Although the nominal dollar amount was low, I always loved walking to the mailbox knowing that for every envelop I was holding in my hand it represented a 6 bill. A School Mailbox add-on is a great way to socialize with friends, and Communicate with them if you can’t use regular mail or E-mail. You can keep it private for friend use only, or make it public. A Box (Small) or a Shoebox (Better). Here are a bunch of valentines day mailboxes for kids to make! Check out Valentine Box Ideas for BOYS too! There’s even a special Valentine’s Day cuckoo clock pattern that will turn your milk carton into a fun classroom mailbox for Valentines. For added fun, you could make an entire village of houses, stores, churches, and other buildings from various sizes of gable-top cartons. Cut out the lid on the lines you have drawn. We didn’t want to use the same old shoe box idea that everyone else uses. You could recycle them, but the sturdy construction and varied sizes make shoe boxes the perfect craft supply. Your child will love making his own personal mailbox — cut a slit in the lid of the decorated box and start delivering special notes, cards and letters to your tot. Encourage creativity by helping your child create imaginative toys out of a shoebox.

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