How To Make A Metal File Cabinet Look Better Sample Plans PDF

Look at what you can do with an ordinary metal filing cabinet! Dress up a horrible metal filing cabinet with Textured Wall Paper, Trim, and Better Hardware. Give a filing cabinet that’s seen better days a makeover using chalkboard paint. It’s an easy decision to make a metal file cabinet look better. File cabinets may be the required storage of most offices, but you don’t want your home office to look like your corporate one.

how to make a metal file cabinet look better 2Adam offered to put a wood top on it for me and I think that would make it look way better, but honestly I’m just going to stuff it my craft closet and it’s likely that the top will never see the light of day again. Modge Podged scrapbook paper tiles on a metal filing cabinet. But it’s really grown on me, and looks much better paired with the finished cabinets than it did laying in my yard. LOVE your tip on caulking to make the frame lines appear more clean. What type of paint did you use for these metal filing cabinets? 220 grit sand paper to remove sheen, chalk paint, rub with rag when almost dry, paste wax and dark briwax mixed with little silver craft paint. Might look better to also re-paint the handles (take them off & do them separately to avoid drips.

How To Makeover a Metal File Cabinet and Add Wheels. Adding the wood veneer is so easy to do and will make the edges of the wood look perfectly smooth. Maybe I missed it but are the base and top secured to the cabinets or just loosely floating for lack of a better word? Here’s how I gave a 15 filing cabinet new life for under 40. He’s starting to look so handsome, right? Even better, we can now use the old file drawer to store stationery and craft materials that previously had no home. I think you’ll need the primer to make the new paint color stick to the metal surface, but you could probably skip sanding if you need to. A utilitarian fireproof file cabinet is a must to keep your important documents safe and in order. Or plaster it with phone book pages to get a textured look, like Shannon of Shannon Makes Stuff. Give it a try and see how you can DIY your way to a new file style. Any suggestions for painting a metal file cabinet that has a textured finish? Live Better.

$5 File Cabinet Makeover Domestic Imperfection

how to make a metal file cabinet look better 3For someone who specializes in quick and easy crafts, this file cabinet makeover using chalkboard paint was one of my biggest undertakings to date. Would you believe the file cabinet used to look like this? Sand the filing cabinet – be sure to sand down any rusted areas and give the whole cabinet a light sanding to help the paint adhere better. Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer because it seemed like the best fit for the file cabinet. Refreshing an old metal filing cabinet with a new coat of paint isn’t as complicated as it seems if you know the right tricks. New paint actually sticks to lightly sanded existing paint better than it does to primer or bare metal. There is nothing I like better than repurposing something old and turning it into something you don’t think you could live without. DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover: Bee-fore & After. Metal Office Cabinet Gets Some Relove: Shabby Paints. Get wood, metal, fireproof, vertical lateral file cabinets for your home office or business. Make the most of wall space with a wide, shallow lateral cabinet. You might notice that I skipped the standard handles to as well instead I used a little bit of twine that I had on hand to make my own handle. What a better look for a plain old metal cabinet. How to Make a Metal File Cabinet Look Better. Filing cabinets usually come in gray, white, tan or black and rarely complement the look of a room. You can modify the color of the filing cabinet to improve its looks by painting it.

File Cabinet Makeover

DIY tutorial for upcycled painted and stenciled filing cabinet makeover with stained wood top and bottom. They are useful, but metal filing cabinets aren’t necessarily pretty. I’m amazed at how much better it looks now too:) Thanks for sharing! I spray painted our ugly white and rusted metal file cabinet a sweet deep magenta color and it totally revived it! great idea. If you want a really cheap filing cabinet, look for university surplus stores in your area. Painting it will definitely make it a million times better! Even when they’re NEW, traditional metal filing cabinets aren’t terribly attractive. We’re showing you how to quickly and easily give your boring cabinet a gorgeous new look! It had definitely seen better days, but the drawers worked, all the hardware was there, and I was sure I could spruce it up to make it work for me. Live Better. Walmart. Ameriwood 2-Drawer File Cabinet, Multiple Finishes 3. Also, the handles became wedged between the outside metal and one of the drawers making it very difficult to get them out. Looks great next to our black desk.

Just be sure not to make things too heavy as the metal rod can drop. It is a wonderful addition to our home office and looks significantly better than any of the metal cabinets you so often find in stores. Look for a filing cabinet whose drawers and hardware are in working order, and for a case that has no major dents or damage. Then, spray the cabinet case and drawers with a coat of metal primer, followed by two coats of spray paint.