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You’re still going to have to get rid of that sweater you haven’t worn in three years. 10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Closet. From the Archives: Greatest Hits. Or better yet, if you’ve got the space, put a whole rack of hooks, like Annie of Live Simply by Annie did. This is a great way to reclaim wasted space, and you can use those hooks for practically anything: jewelry, belts, purses, clothes that have been worn for half a day and aren’t quite dirty but also aren’t quite clean. I would kill for a closet as big as the ones photographed. Hang a pretty scarf over them if you don’t like the look. We consulted with closet-design pros from across the country to learn the secrets to creating the ultimate storage unit, no power tools required. Breathtaking Backyard Before-and-Afters. Look!

how to make a small closet look big 2You Can Make Your Closets Look Larger. Here’s How. Create a small space for a broom and dustpan combo next to your washer or dryer. HGTV Remodels: Expert tips on small closet organization plus pictures and ideas for transforming a small closet into a functional, well-organized space. This closet features a wooden storage system and white shelves that frame the space, giving the design an eclectic look with lots of personality. How to Make a Small Space Look Big. Candice proves that even small kitchens can be big on style and function. Making the Most of Your Closet. 8 Videos.

Small closets can be revamped to look larger. Shelving, boxes and closet systems make the most of small closet spaces and make them look neat, which in turn makes it look as though you have extra space. 7 Awesome Organizing Hacks for Your Tiny Closet. Your space might be tight and you’ve already packed off-season clothes in vacuum-sealed bags but these creative bloggers have solutions for maximizing every last inch. 5 Big Tips to Make the Most out of your Small Closet. Having a small closet does not have to be a bad thing. Try S-hook chains (found at your local hardware store) to organize your favorite bags, scarves and belts. You can also look for stylish side hooks that could be used to organize jewelry.

You Can Make Your Closets Look Larger. Here’s How

If the home you are living in has a small closet, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to make your space more streamlined and organized, which will make it look bigger and more pleasing to your taste. The good: there’s a simple way to make your small closet look and feel larger than it really is. From organizing tips to design ideas, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to boost the small space from meh to major. If you have small bedroom, your room may not be very inviting. Most of the BedUsing Storage Furniture EffectivelyOrganizing the ClosetCommunity Q&A. 4 Furniture that is the same scale, and designed with simple, clean lines will make the room look bigger. This might quite possibly be the smallest closet known to mankind, but look at how chic and functional it is! Say your bedroom simply doesn’t have the architectural capacity to have a closet, or the existing closet isn’t big enough for two. A small space doesn’t mean you have to be cramped. Try these 10 easy room-expanding tricks to help you maximize your square footage. Whether you have a small laundry closet or tiny laundry room, your laundry area can be both functional and beautiful! Below are a collection of 25 Small Laundry Room Ideas by bloggers. If you don’t always want to look at your washer and dryer, consider hiding them behind a simple tension rod and curtain. However, I think that being able to use the limited space, and make it look like they are bigger than they actually are, would be the goal.

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Whether your closet is big or small, these three tricks guarantee to maximize every square millimeter. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind for making your small closet look bigger:. 7 Easy Ways to Make More Space in Your Closet, No Renovations Required. It's the area that normally gets taken up by folded clothes or not-in-use handbags, but look upward and you might notice a couple feet of extra air. But you can make a small home look and feel bigger. Closets can be one of the darkest and most cluttered areas of the home, but they are improved dramatically when there is light inside of them.