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With some inexpensive materials, you can convert vintage luggage into clever storage space. What is better than a vintage suitcase. A Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table. Make your own Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table. I reinforced the base with a wooden frame to screw into, and will be laying some thin ply on top of the base. Then I may felt line the inside as an extra touch! Very easy to make and doesn’t take long at all! /p. DIY vintage suitcase table- I may have just found the nightstands that will go with our new master bedroom design. DIY vintage suitcase table. by the front door to store gloves and hats or as nightstands. old suitcase turned into a side table.

how to make a suitcase into a table 2A vintage suitcase and four salvaged spindles are put together to make a stylish end table. From the experts at DIYNetwork. Place legs/spindles at the four corners of the plywood and place two L brackets on each leg, then screw them into place. Step-by-step instructions on how to make a table from a suitcase. A nice vintage piece of decor to store trinkets and baubles. How to Make a Suitcase Table with a Slanted Suitcase:. Step 6: Now take your hanger bolts and screw the screw side into the top of your leg. I have three vintage suitcases gathering dust in the back of my closet, so I could not be happier to see a luggage DIY project from the talented Ashley Poskin. I picked it up for ten bucks, found some screw-in coffee table legs at Home Depot, and wa-la! You could use a spray bottle and part towel on the road by cleaning before you load it into your vehicle.

I made a vintage suitcase table out of, you guessed it, a vintage suitcase and an old crappy end table we never got rid of for my little dude’s room. This seems like an inconvenient but it can be easily turned into something positive if, for example, you were to reuse them in creative ways. Given their dimensions and shape, old suitcases can make wonderful tables. All those rolling suitcases folks are using these days are practical for vacation, but they lack the nostalgic beauty of vintage luggage. Those sturdy, hard-shell icons of travel have found a place in lots of homes, often stacked as an end table with hidden storage.

How To Make A Table From An Old Suitcase

Check out this unique project that turns an old suitcase into the ultimate picnic wingman featuring a pop-up table and speakers! I have a slight obsession with going to the Goodwill Outlet here in St. Louis and scrounging through all the huge, unorganized, ridiculously germy bins. If you are lucky enough to find an old suitcase at a thrift store, here are some ideas to upcycle it into something wonderful. If you can use a power drill, then you can add legs to the bottom of a suitcase and turn it into a table. The best part is that you have additional storage built in. I love the idea of upcycling vintage suitcases into shabby chic furniture pieces. Turn your vintage suitcase into a cool, new coffee table. Creative uses for vintage suitcases coffee table. This may be the ultimate picnic basket, which is really a suitcase..with fold-out legs to transform into a table. With fold-out legs to transform into a table.

While They Snooze: How To Make A Suitcase Table

How to Make a Luggage Table. If storage is at a premium and money is a little tight, you can still find creative and stylish ways to pack away sweaters or other items in your home. Transform a hard-based suitcase into a luggage table and. First, wrap a piece of painter’s tape around your suitcase about 6 inches in from the front and draw a line. Then, use your table saw to cut as far into the suitcase as it will go. To make this process easier, it’s best to remove your suitcase’s fabric lining before running it under the table saw. With minimal supplies and common household tools, you can create a useful and visually interesting piece of furniture perfect for a bedroom or hallway. Give your suitcase a second chance by transforming it into a fresh and funky side table. Stretchers on all four sides would make it useless as a desk (and yes, it is not terribly practical that way regardless). I agree that the current way the stretchers were done is not the best, but pretty much any design intended as a desk will still have stretchers on only 3 sides.

You would rather let the old suitcases lie around gathering dust than making them dress your home. For example, you can make a suitcase into a bed side table or bathroom cabinet or even a vintage decoration for wedding party. Turn a rustic themed suitcase into a sophisticated and unique coffee table that also works as a remarkable storage space. Waddell straight top plate hardware, tapered table legs, a vintage suitcase, spray paint, power drill, and a measuring tape are the few supplies that you need to gather. Diva of DIY shows you how to turn an old suitcase into a vintage side table. (Note: You can also paint them afterwards, but the table legs might be easier to handle while they’re still unattached).4. Place one flat washer onto each table leg.5. Affix the table legs onto the suitcase by twisting them into the holes you drilled.