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A professional chef shows an easy process for making protective knife sheaths from balsa wood. After I read Bo Bergman’s book on knifemaking and Scandinavian knives, I promised myself that I would one day make some wooden sheaths. That day is yet to come because of being busy with many other things – but I am fortunate enough to have some wooden sheaths. How to Make a Wooden Knife Sheath. You have a great and dependable knife that you’ve often used outdoors. But now you want a good wooden sheath to protect the blade against the elements–and you want to make it yourself.

how to make a wooden knife sheath 2Some fifty years ago I lost a good Boy Scout sheath knife, because the keeper strap didn’t stay snapped. If you’re making a wooden sheath, where the wood will show, you want something decorative of course. After writing the tutorials on leather and knife sheaths, I started to wonder why they couldn’t be made out of wood also. I split the maple wood block vertically lengthwise on the bandsaw. Clamp overnight after making sure parts are in alignment. Has anyone done any wood sheaths recently? I looked all over and only found one or two examples. I’m looking for ideas to make a wooden sheath for a dagger.

Another reason to learn to make your own sheath is the project knife. Some makers prefer to carve sheath liners from soft wood such as pine or basswood. Brad’s nordic scandinavian sheath making instructions. When designing any piece, I see the knife and its accompanying sheath as one complete package.

Making A Sheath

How to make a leather sheath for your knife, or anything else. Using the wooden end of your fid, burnish the seam of your sheath to even out the stitching and push the stitches down into the sheath. Easy Scandi Tutorial – BB tutorial on making a Scandi Knife Handle. by ZDP-189. How to make a quick, safe knife sheath out of cardboard and duct tape. The handles were wood, and had recently been outlawed by the health department. I’ve been trying to make a wooden sheath for my new chefs knife but I don’t have anything more then the basic hand tools and a Dremel. They are not an easy project, but not as bad as I thought they would be. It is best if you have some leather working experience before you try one, but you don’t have to be a leather expert. The first thing you will want to do is to create the wood core. The wood of choice appears to be poplar and that is what I used for my second core. Next using an exacto knife cut the slits on the lines as shown in the graphic above. Most of my forays into leather work have been attempts at making sheaths just like this one.

Bens Backwoods: Need A Sheath? Make Your Own! By Jim Dillard

The sheath that came with the knife was a laughably bad contraption of a thing. Wood, on the other hand, is less dangerous (still wear breathing protection though). Page 1 of 2 – Sami all-wood (or bone) sheath construction – posted in Sheaths and Leatherwork: Does anybody have information on the construction of the sami style of sheath that is all either wood or bone and no leather component? Something like this: Are they lined on the inside. That is one of my first big inspirations in knife making. Native Americans made knife sheaths & storage containers from parfleche.