How To Make A Wooden Spokeshave Sample Plans PDF

My first time with the all wooden tang-type spokeshave shown here came at the same time and remains etched in my brain as an ever present physical impression of total harmony. Two woods make the best spokeshaves and were indeed the most commonly used, beech and boxwood. The following pictures and comments describe in more detail how a wooden spokeshave can be made from a kit. The kit contains a steel blade, two screw posts, two adjustment thumb wheels, two lock nu. Plenty to be said for a wooden spokeshave alright. Getting them to work is easy, the trick is making them attractive. They have a very odd shape, very unlikely.

how to make a wooden spokeshave 2Also wooden spokeshave and travisher kits and spare blades. So, thank you very much for the speedy delivery, and for the hard work you have put in to developing these tools. Re-tighten the brass retaining nuts first by making up the slack on both sides then adding tension evenly across both sides. A general purpose spokeshave, such as the flat sole shave, is the best choice for making a Windsor chair.

There are plans available on this site for making your own plane if you so wish, for which these blades would be ideal. It is also possible to make one’s own wooden spokeshave. Up to now I’ve never owned a wooden spokeshave. I kind of like the idea of building my own stuff, it’s practical – and this kit is even easier to make than our bowsaw kit. This week we start building our very own wooden spokeshave. This will be at least a 2 part video due to the detail involved. This is not a very difficult project, but it requires a great deal of precision to get it done.

Wooden Spokeshave

Hi, A week ago I had the pleasure of teaching a class at the Burlington Lee Valley store, making a Low Angle Spoke Shave. The depth screw is controlled with a brass insert that is tapped into the wood with a wood tap that is included with each kit. Low-angled wooden spokeshaves are superlative tools for shaping wood, for example in the making of Windsor chairs. Purchase Medium and Small spokeshaves depending on the amount of wood to be removed. The author was able to replace a lot of costly and inferior implements when he taught himself to make wooden tools. It is much safer to make the front section from a longer piece of wood and cut to size after all the saw cuts have been completed, photo 3. A nice friction fit is desirable and I creep up on this by using feeler gauges between the cross-cut stop on the tablesaw fence. Hock Wooden Spokeshave Blade, Chair Making Tools sold at Highland Woodworking.

Constructing Your Own Plane Or Spokeshave: Blades And Kits