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Arduino-Controlled Chicken Coop Door I have to make this! Automatic Chicken Coop Door is dedicated to chicken safety & owner sanity! So we set out to create our own door for our poultry (ducks, geese, guinea, pheasants, and chickens). I like Chris and Keri’s automatic chicken door solution for several reasons. The design is simple, solid, and cheap to do for under 20 bucks, and they have detailed pictures with videos, and a wiring schematic to make the process easy for someone who might want to follow in this direction.

how to make auto chicken door 2Whether you live in town or out in the countryside, the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door will make your life easier! In fact, it will pay for itself and keep saving you money for reasons like these. I thought I would share my little Chicken Coop Door project with everybody. Everyone should now be able make their own automatic chook door and all those wanting to have automatic turners in their incubators have no excuses not to now. I wanted to automate this process so the coop door closes up in the evening and opens in the morning without any manual intervention. I have to make this auto chicken door opener, but I don’t know jack about electronics ( yet).

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