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Help with constructing your speaker box properly – using the right parts, bracing, sealing. Note: For a more finished look (without gluing on veneers), some people will build speaker boxes with wood glue alone. Building your own subwoofer box is a great way to get the look and fit you want, without spending a fortune. Double check to make sure that these dimensions will fit properly in your car, and you’re ready to move on to construction. How to: Make a DIY Surplus Ammo Can Speaker Box Man Made DIY.

how to make car speaker boxes 2I was wanting to use a car amp because I have two 575 watt 12V server power supplies that I don’t use. This tutorial shows you how to work with fiberglass to make a sub box located in your trunk behind your wheel wells. Although this tutorial is made to go into your wheel well areas, you could use this tutorial for anything, kick panels, racks, and other speaker boxes. This Car Stereo Review article by Wayne Harris describes the process of building a subwoofer enclosure.

How to Build Your Own Speakers: Step-by-Step DIY Tech. Hardcore speaker hobbyists take delight in figuring all this out for themselves, designing and building the crossovers and enclosures from scratch to see what comes out. Speaker enclosure types for all applications, what type is best for your project? You should expect good performance from this type of installation, and since there are no enclosures to build or design, installation time and cost are kept to a minimum. Building subwoofer boxes and building a custom subwoofer box. A good source of parts for the DIY’er is Parts Express.

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They do a great job of teaching you how to measure, cut, and finish so your car is bumping. Part 1 of 3 – How to Build a subwoofer speaker box. How to Build Car Stereo Speaker Boxes. If you want to add new speakers into your vehicle, you’ll enjoy better sound, with improved frequency response and detail in your music. When you need to install sound systems in your car, you need to make use of car speaker boxes. These are enclosures wherein the car speakers are set. Hey, I’m getting ready to install some 6×9 speakers. Car speakers usually don’t come with specs, and if you can’t measure them there are some approaches to cabinet building, which thou they may not be optimum, will give you a good shot under limited circumstances. So my recipe would be: 1/ build as large a box as you can get away with. This is a very high quality Enclosure with solid MDF construction to Make sure you make the best out of your Audio System. Hi- I got the idea while home from college on break to make a speaker box for my dorm room with 2 6×9 car speakers I have left over and a 12 sub.

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We carry a huge selection of custom fit car and truck Subwoofer Boxes and Enclosures, speaker boxes to fit nearly any car or truck on the road today. For your custom speaker box, you’ll need a subwoofer and 20mm MDF (cut with a table or circular saw, or have the DIY shop cut it). You’ll also need a drill, pencil, tape measure, ruler, jigsaw, string and box cutter. Compact Box Car Audio Speakers Rear Mount 120W 3-Way High Power Easy Install AX333. Power Supply. Networking. Marine. Automotive. Cables. Custom Built Speaker Boxes designed for your car’s bass system by National Auto Sound & Security, Kansas City. We Make Custom Built Speaker Boxes to Fit Your Vehicle.

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