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Glamorous Jewelry Box Updo, DIY Jewelry box makeover using decoupage, tear out old jewelry box lining and replace with fabric, rotary cutter, spray painted,. The rest of the project was pretty easy, with some decoupage and sharp cutter or scissors you can make this glamorous makeover! Carefully remove all of the old velvet lined inside the box and drawers. I had finished my wife’s jewelry box with the exception of putting in the felt lining. Here I am measuring to make sure the side length is right. You don’t need much to master the art of the DIY jewelry box! Basic stained wood and felt will do the trick: here’s a free tutorial. This places the slot 1/16-in. below the miter’s inside corner.

how to make the inside of a jewelry box 2Learn how to make a decorative and functional lining for a box or drawer. With a DIY jewelry box, you can easily restyle a vintage cigar box with a few velvet and buttons to. Once cut out, place the paper inside the cigar box to make sure it is a good fit. To easily spruce up the inside of a box and add a touch of class, you may be interested in lining the box with soft velvet fabric. The first step in the process of lining a wooden box with velvet fabric involves creating a list of the necessary materials for the project.

Com share step-by-step instructions for refinishing and re-lining an old cutlery box to turn it into a pretty new jewelry box. Make and Celebrate. Strip Inside of Box. How to Make a custom jewelry box for cheap This video shows how to make a custom jewellery box for cheap. Next find some spare fabric to put on the inside. Learn how to create a marbled DIY jewelry box using an old cigar box with this quick & easy tutorial from designer Anna Smith.

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how to make the inside of a jewelry box 3Gluing felt inside a wooden box to make a men’s jewelry box. ( submitted 2 years ago by Fr0gm4n 3 comments; share. loading. Here are several ways to make your own jewelry box to keep your precious items safe. You can use some pieces of wood cut to fit the inside of the box to help the frame maintain its shape while it’s drying. I’ll stress that you really do want to make sure the painter’s tape is pulled tightly around the sides and really pressed well onto the wood so no leaks can occur (use your nails to seal the tape). Tip: I primed and painted both the drawers and the inside of the box itself. This way, I could tuck the corners behind to make a box. A wooden jewelry box can make a great and highly practical gift for anyone with jewelry to store. 5×10-inch piece of wood and place it inside of the rectangular wooden piece that you’ve previously built. Cut felt or satin to fit the inside faces of the box to protect your jewelry, and glue it into the box. How to Make a Valance Box for Curtains Diamond Shaped Wooden Shelves.

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Jewelry boxes, even small ones, can cost quite a bit. I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple at local thrift stores, but they’ve usually seen better days. To make a small, old jewelry box pretty again, I clean the entire jewelry box and cover it in a fresh new coat of paint. A jewelry box is a perfect way to keep your jewelry tidy and safe. Making your own jewelry box a great thrifty way of accomplishing this as well. Instructions: Sandpaper the whole box thoroughly inside and out. Gold: For a light cleaning, simply soak plain gold jewelry (or any pieces with hard gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds avoid soaking softer stones like pearls and opals) in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid added to it. Store your newly-cleaned jewelry on top of your dresser in a classic jewelry box, or in several attractive bowls and boxes of your choosing. 17 Inside-Cabinet Door Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Steal. Here’s an array of easy-to-make jewelry and keepsake boxes worthy of their contents. Select ribbon, measure inside perimeter of box, and trim ribbon to this length.