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Just because I can make spoons from lots of pieces of wood does not mean that all of that material is suitable for my spoons and dishes. Only a small portion of the wood I see is acceptable and it is a challenge to identify a proper candidate in the rough. There are, as I am soon to discover, very few things at once as useful and as aesthetically pleasing as a well-made wooden spoon. And making a wooden spoon, as well as I can, turns out to be one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in a long while. So we thought the first thing to do would be to make wooden spoons from green wood and then dry it. So which sort of wood to use? Googling comes back to say cherry is the best.

how to make wood spoons 2I’ve been wanting to make a wooden spoon for some time now. With some much needed vacation time, I spent several hours in my shop cutting boards and creating saw dust. Your kids will love making and painting this fearsome Wooden Spoon Shark Kids Crafts from Activity Village. EJ is a product designer, woodworker, and spoon carver. After studying Arboriculture with the Royal Forestry Society and Product Design at Kingston University, EJ spent some years exploring traditional heritage crafts and British woodland culture before marrying the two together and concentrating on carving functional spoons and utensils, from the freshly felled wood of locally foraged and storm damaged trees.

Quick and easy craft for kids with step by step instructions – how to make puppets using a wooden spoon. Wooden spoons were easy to carve and thus inexpensive, making them common throughout history. The Iron Age Celts (C. 250BC) of Britain used them. My wife now seldom helps me make spoons, but what follows is the general process I follow when I make a wooden spoon from scratch.

Easy To Make Wooden Spoon

It all started the day I forgot to put a spoon in my lunch bag when I was working as an apprentice to a furniture maker. I took a piece of scrap wood and quickly shaped a spoon. You’ll also find information to my projects and shows that I’m involved with, and hopefully you’ll learn a little bit about the craft and art of making a wooden spoon.

How To Make Wooden Spoon Puppets