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It’s easiest to part with books before you organize the whole collection. If you only have two or three shelves of fiction, or most of your fiction is in the same genre, sort by last name without dividing them. My own bookshelves (even though they are color-coded) are completely functional. I’m ruthless about weeding and every book on my shelves has been read. Image above: Want to arrange your books by color? Go a step further and color-code your objects too. I have my own filing system, and can’t find a book without it. You can arrange them chromatically across a whole bookshelf or arrange them in color blocks. This is how I arrange my art and design books, so the section starts with Ancient Greece, progresses to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 18th century and then goes along by artistic movement (Art Nouveau, Wiener Werkstatte, Art Deco, Streamlining, etc. Ditto to Yvette – I would die without having my Pratchett in the right order.

how to organize a bookshelf without books 2Lasairfiona said: I am sure many of you have seen the rainbow bookshelf but it got me thinking: what are some of the ways to organiz. I don’t really have a system, except to organize the books from larges to smallest in each compartment of my bookshelf. So my house is not complete without bookcases of all kinds. So if you too have a bookcase, or even a shelf with books at home, take note. This is very true, and you don’t really consider the different ways to arrange books until you’re in the thick of it. Came across your site while googling how to stack books without bookshelves and I’m blown away! I love how they’re stacked. I just need a way to FIT all my books on my shelves, not how to organize them in different orders!.

It feels cleaner and simpler, but without sacrificing the actual storage of the books. Bookshelf Porn: 6 Snaps That Inspire. As much as your books whisper secrets about you, the way you stack and sort them can say something, as well. Transform bland bookcases and wall shelves into stunning displays with 18 top-shelf decorating tips from interior designers on

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We often find ourselves looking at the books on your shelves proudly, like they’re our friends. They have taken us on amazing journeys, we’ve snuggled up with them in bed and even cried into them. And while swooning over gorgeous bookshelves is entertaining, today we’re here to offer up a few more immediate solutions. If you also happen to suffer from an apartment that’s overrun by books, take some cues from this post, and embrace the stacks that are piling up around you by cleverly incorporating them into your interior decor. They hold books and help keep us organized. They are bookshelves, and without them, our homes would be filled with piles of reading materials! But what if. One dozen expertly-decorated bookcases to inspire your next bookshelf-organizing endeavor. If you have several shelves of books of similar size, sometimes a good mix of color on each shelf is enough for them to feel organized without calling precise attention to them. In the Organize Books Challenge we’ll declutter and organize the reading material in our homes, including library books, using these step by step instructions. Once you’ve winnowed down your book collection to a more manageable size the next step in the Organize Books Challenge is to place them in a logical manner on shelves, and bookcases so that you can find the one you’re looking for, when you want it. I wrote after lots of questions about how to read Kindle books without a Kindle.

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