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Refreshing an old metal filing cabinet with a new coat of paint isn’t as complicated as it seems if you know the right tricks. Clean Metal Primer because it seemed like the best fit for the file cabinet. Part of your remodeling plans may include sprucing up your old filing cabinet, or perhaps you are rescuing a cabinet from storage or from a second-hand store.

how to paint a metal file cabinet 2A chalk painted stencilled filing cabinet: a great way to take an old or boring filing cabinet to a whole new level using Country Chic Chalk Paint and a Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil. I was not happy with a huge, beat-up, grey metal monstrosity in the middle of my living room. Any suggestions for painting a metal file cabinet that has a textured finish? Would Krylon’s new Dual Paint, which is mentioned here, work?

Dear AT, I wanted to find out how to paint a filing cabinet. I am buying a used grey one on Craigslist and would love to spice it up with some high-gloss paint for our home office (similar to the illustrative photo above). Is there a special type I need to use for metal? Please help! Older metal filing cabinets still have a lot of use in them. Rather than ignoring a used cabinet that is for sale at a cheaper price than the brand new one, consider buying and refurbishing it. Gently rinse out these spots to get flakes of rust and paint away, but do not scrub at them. I spray painted our ugly white and rusted metal file cabinet a sweet deep magenta color and it totally revived it! great idea. I’ve actually never heard of someone painting a metal filing cabinet and I’m impressed.

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Vintage Patina Tutorial on metal file cabinets..220 grit sand paper to remove sheen, chalk paint, rub with rag when almost dry, paste wax and dark briwax mixed with little silver craft paint. There is no need to strip the cabinet of all paint. Once you have sanded the chipped areas, use fine or very fine steel wool to rub down all exterior surfaces of the cabinet and drawers. Spray paint (sorry)’s going to give you the cleanest look and last longest (make sure the can says ‘enamel’, but not ‘latex enamel’). It’s going to give you the cleanest look and last longest (make sure the can says ‘enamel’, but not ‘latex enamel’)..also, hot bad. As I mentioned previously, the paint job on the filing cabinet was horrendous. Since this was a large metal piece, I decided that spray paint was the way to go. File cabinets don’t have to be boring! Quickly and easily give your boring cabinet a makeover with chalk paint for a gorgeous new look! Houzz. Spray paint file cabinet black or chalkboard, gold hardware Anne Anderson.

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I wrote this post a couple of months ago for something else, but it ended up getting bumped, so now I’m sharing it here! Yay, another how-to! So we all know my struggle with our office space and how having just one more room in our apartment would make our lives infinitely better, right? Well, for the time being, we’re stuck with what we’ve got. I was a little bored with the drab tan of the filing cabinets and really wanted to test out painting metal, since I hadn’t tried yet with Chalk Paint. A few months ago I discovered a giant file cabinet at a thrift store. Ask an associate for a paint recommendation to use on a metal file cabinet if you’re unsure). Removing the paint from my cool vintage vertical file cabinet share Facebook Twitter.

I should tell you, I have had this file cabinet in my garage for three or four years.