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Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Professional painter John Dee shows how to give dark cupboards the glossy, smooth look of factory-finish cabinets without having to order new doors. John Dee, a perfectionist, prefers to do one side at a time, keeping the faces flat so they don’t get runs. When you’re done painting, pick up the door by the screw and one hook and hang both hooks on a sturdy wire clothes hanger. Am in the middle of painting kitchen cabinets and am hanging the doors to paint on both sides at once. Did some research on ways to hang the doors and not interfere with the finishing and wasn’t finding a good solution. Put finish nails in the top and bottoms of the doors hang them on the 2×4’s buy the nails and paint one side then flip. Wires through the hinge holes and hang them from a rafter or something so you can spin them and paint both sides without handling them.

how to paint cabinet doors on both sides 2I have been frustrated for years trying to spray both sides of cabinet sized doors at the same time. Does anyone have a system that works? We have the racks for large interior doors and that works great. The first one has an old paint can filled with sand (to prevent tipping). I put a clean rag on the top of the can before spraying to prevent marring. Call toll free: (877) 331 RACK (7225). How is it possible to paint both sides leaving no marks? How can I paint both sides of a door without waiting for each side to dry first? I use that SW enamel for cabinets. I understand the convenience and speed of hanging the doors so you can paint both sides at once with a sprayer.

If your kitchen cabinets are solid but dated and dark, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward transforming the space without draining your bank account. John Dee, a perfectionist, prefers to do one side at a time, keeping the faces flat so they don’t get runs. When you’re done painting, pick up the door by the screw and one hook and hang both hooks on a sturdy wire clothes hanger. Pickup the door with the hanger and spray both sides, hang on a rack with the hanger to dry. If you’re in the market to paint your kitchen cabinets, you have come to the right place! I am sharing every single solitary step to a brand new space. Ready for the front side now! It’s also easier to run a roller around the sides with the cabinet doors elevated.

Spraying Both Sides Of Cabinet Doors

Concrete-screw axles centered in the ends of the door ride in the notches, allowing the door to be rotated for painting both sides in the same session. When I painted my cabinets, I gave each door and base TWO COATS of primer, plus I sanded between each coat. Again, prep is key to long-lasting cabinets. I first painted the inside of the brush strokes, then worked my way around the sides and edges. This really helped give me a smooth finish with no brush strokes. Follow this tutorial and tips to paint your cabinet doors properly the first time, so the paint job will endure and you’ll only have to paint once!. They do not serve the same purpose, and for a really professional looking job, I recommend doing both. Do you label them with painter tape that you move back and forth as you swap sides? Check Out How to Paint Doors & Store Doors On Both Sides. tutorial See more about Paint Doors, How To Paint and Paint. Looking for your set-up on how you deal with spraying lacquer(water or pre-cat) on stained cabinet doors. Do you – Lay them flat on boards, spraying each side after drying time Hang them, and spray. I can shoot both sides at the same time with them hanging. No dry time in between front and back. I did not paint the inside of the cabinets, but I did paint both sides of the doors and a half inch strip inside along the cabinet opening as you can see in this photo.

Pro Secrets For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

My husband put bead board paneling on the ends of the cabinets and the back side of the peninsula.I love the look. 1. Label cabinet doors and hinges. You should label each and every door and hinge so that you can put them back in the same place. Even if multiple doors are the same size, you, they’ve been fitted in a custom manner. Before painting kitchen cabinets, it is important to clean the faces of cabinet boxes and drawers and both sides of doors and shelves with a product that removes dirt and grease, such as trisodium phosphate (TSP). Follow manufacturer instructions on the packaging, mixing water and TSP in a bucket as directed. Following the instructions on the box, mix trisodium phosphate (TSP) with water. While wearing gloves, sponge the mixture on both sides of the cabinets and wipe off with a clean cloth. Next, paint the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, along with any separate wood pieces or moldings. If these parts have raised or routed features, be sure to flow the paint into crevices and corners, but don’t allow it to accumulate in these spots.