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Take your time to prepare the wood for painting. This is probably the most overlooked part of painting wood, and in many ways is the most critical. PREPARING THE SURFACES Find, then fix, cracks and dents Even an old lamp with a bare bulb held close to a wall will make minor cracks, bumps or nail pops jump out. For damaged trim, he uses painter’s putty or a two-part wood filler, such as Minwax’s High Performance Filler. Doors, windows, wood trim, and fascia boards are the usual suspects, but be on the lookout as well for cracked or decaying wood. As a rule, if surfaces aren’t clean, they aren’t ready to be painted.

how to prepare wood for painting 2When painting a piece of furniture, the most important part is the prep work done beforehand the furniture is your canvas, and it needs to be clean and smooth. BUT, if you are going for a solid look with really clean lines i would suggest a primer. also, if the piece is a knotted wood or has any type of inconsistency, for best results go ahead and prime. See all Exterior paint how-to. How to Prep Your Weathered Wood. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to properly prep your piece to ensure your beautiful work will last for years to come. Make sure to follow the instructions on the wood filler product, and sand it down nice and smooth.

Again, wipe down in the direction of the wood grain and allow to dry. How to prepare wood for painting: Remove dirt and grease. Remove all loose, flaking materials from the surfaces to be decorate. Scrape off all bits and lumps. When preparing to paint unfinished wood it is advisable to sand the surface with a medium-grain sandpaper, much the same as preparing painted wood, ensuring proper adhesion and a smooth finish.

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