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Put the bolt into the hole in the headboard and push it through so it extends out the hole in the bedframe. Slide a second washer onto the other side of the bolt, and screw a nut onto the end. My VR has 10 beds, all of which have metal bed frames and decorative headboards. Do you have any way of keeping those nuts tight? Please don’t tell me to attach the headboards to the walls instead — my walls are all plaster and I try not to put any nails or screws into them. DIY fabric head board and how to attach it to your bed frame. This DIY upholstered headboard and Do It Yourself platform bed frame can be put together with this easy DIY project.

how to put headboard on bed frame 2So I built a bed frame for the box spring to sit on. I had an old headboard which I used, I did have to put the legs on the outside of the frame at the headboard end to give me an attach point but it worked. Also included in the packet should be an extra set of bolts so that an individual can attach the adjustable bed frame to a headboard if he or she has one. I need to adapt a modern bed frame to an antique headboard and footboard. They are very easy to install and price is much better than buying new frames.

Old headboard frame & salvaged boards; Egg crate foam mattress topper (Twin sized. Put the fabric back down, and add a small dab of glue to the center, THEN add the button back with shank. Now make that bed plush and lovely with just the right bedding!

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