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Anyways, after getting new kitchen cabinets and getting a nice shiny granite counter top installed it was time to get some truly impressive under-cabinet lights that would complement the design I was aiming for while being wonderfully functional as well. This instructable is going to show you how I created my DIY under cabinet lighting for less than 120 and yet achieved professional results better than every commercially available system I was able to see in person. This is a true DIY system, not a guide on how to install a commercially available system. The under-cabinet lights in my kitchen are chunky T12 fluorescents from the 1980s. They don’t put out as much light as the other options, so these are truly for complementing already-strong overhead kitchen lighting. How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen.

Installing a light fixture under an upper cabinet can provide more directed task lighting on counter surfaces below it, which can be important if the work usually done there involves using a knife or other sharp kitchen utensils. A room without under-cabinet lighting will greet you with darkened, recessed areas that offer a gloomy aesthetic. LED undercabinet lighting can now be purchased in a few ways.

Under-cabinet lighting eases kitchen chores and shows off your style. The fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install with screws or adhesive backing. How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen can serve as both a decorative accent and a utility for a counter work surface. Plug-in kitchen under cabinet lighting is a great option for renters that cannot install permanent fixtures, or for someone that is not comfortable with electrical work.

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DIY Kitchen Lighting Upgrade: LED Under-Cabinet Lights & Above-the-Sink Light. Put a smallish line of glue on both pieces (the trim and the wood edge) for best adhesion results.

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