How To Refinish Old Wood Stairs Sample Plans PDF

Here you see the old staircase. Someone had painted that beautiful wood a chocolate brown when the house was built. It was old and dingy and banged up. Although it is usually considered an easy task, finishing wood stair treads is a thoughtful and customized project. Then, begin carefully sanding the old finish with 60-grit sandpaper. How to refinish your stairs See more about Stairs, Carpets and Painted Stairs.

how to refinish old wood stairs 2With sandpaper and a little elbow grease, an old wooden staircase can be given a whole new appearance. When the time comes to refinish a wood staircase, the first task is to remove the old finish. Maybe you’ve pulled the old carpet off your stairs and are thinking about refinishing the wood underneath. This seems like a simple, straight-forward solution, but there are a few things you should know first. If the stair-tread finish is intact with no bare wood showing, you can restore it to like-new condition with a good cleaning. The best tool for refinishing a wooden handrail is a sanding sponge, which is a flexible sponge coated with abrasive grit.

You or a professional floor refinisher can sand and refinish it to give it new life. If your wood stairs need a facelift, start by checking for any needed repairs. Renewing old wooden stairs to their former glory is a lot of work, but former glory is definitely worth aiming for if you like the look and patina of old wood. Update your staircase with this step-by-step tutorial to turn dated wood staircases into rich, updated masterpieces.

How To Sand A Wood Staircase

how to refinish old wood stairs 3Early Saturday morning, I set out to refinish the stairs. Note: It is dangerous to sand or scrape old paint due to the possibility of lead. I read that before there was sandpaper this was the only way to smooth out rough wood. When refinishing wood surfaces, stairs often get overlooked or simply avoided because they are essential for moving throughout your home it can be inconvenient to do without them for even a day or two. There will be a large amount of dust in the area after you’ve begun sanding away the old finish. The first step in refinishing or painting a wood stair railing is to strip off the old finish or paint. Removing the old finish allows the new finish or paint to adhere to the wood properly. After months and months of staircase restoration work and countless updates, the day has finally arrived! Can’t believe it well neither can we but our. WOW Beautiful! I can totally appreciate all the hard work you put into it! Take it from someone who also has an old house that had loads of layers of paint on beautiful old wood that was screaming to get out and show off its glory! I started my staircase ( should have taken before pics) and halfway through I am having a tough time finishing it!!! My other woodwork took years to complete cause I was also working full time, but the stairs are particularly hard cause you need to keep them clear for household members to use. The wood treads were ready for staining when the stairs were completely smooth to the touch. And I swear the hardest part of the project is removing the old carpet. The revolutionary do-it-yourself stair refacing system fits right over your old previously carpeted stairs! In many homes, staircases have an outsized influence on the perception and feeling of the overall quality of the entire interior.

Reviving Hardwood Staircases – Hardwood Stairs Refinishing design ideas and photos. Their 120 year old Chicago home’s stairs had seen better days. They’re really pocked and chipped in a ton of places, so we would have to really lay on wood filler and sand, sand, sand – which we can’t do with lead paint! Finishing the Bathroom Floor and Focusing on the Trim – Old Town Home. The Easiest Way To Refurbish And Refinish A Wooden Table Do you have an old wooden table that needs to be restored? Well don’t throw it away. Removing carpet from stairs and painting. Just the inspiration I needed to tackle my 80+ year old busted and crooked basement steps! Thanks for the step by step info with pictures very helpful!!.

How to Refinish Wood Furniture. Learn how to strip, sand and stain a piece of wooden furniture. Spray the stripper evenly over the surface and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll see the old finish start to lift up off the wood. Drill Brushes and Floor Sander: How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor. 7 Steps.