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Reinforced steel doors are your sturdiest option, but they also require extra maintenance to prevent rust. We provide the Armor latch sliding door deadbolt reinforcement for sliding glass doors, offering a quick, effective and attractive way to reinforce your sliding door against break-ins. Lock Your DoorsReinforce Your EntrywayPeep HolesCommunity Q&A. If you do have sliding glass doors, glass door panels or nearby windows, however, cover the glass with a security grate or grille on the outside or a clear, unbreakable polycarbonate panel secured behind the glass on the inside.

how to reinforce sliding glass door 2That large, sliding glass patio door that you love because it lets in so much natural light? When shut, the bolt slides up into the frame of the door to secure it. 2) If it’s a french door, just reinforce the frame and the door plate. If it’s a sliding door, check the space above the door in the frame. Think your current door isn’t quite secure enough? We cover the most effective door security devices and review the pros and cons of each.

Sliding windows and doors (also known as sliding glass doors, patio doors, wall doors, or arcadia doors) usually have flimsy locks and frames that can be forced open or pried away. Reinforce them with one or more of the following: 1. Two of the most vulnerable entry points of a home are the sliding glass door and windows. This is because the locking mechanism on these types of barriers is really nothing more than an aluminum latch that can be easily defeated. Sliding glass doors and windows require extra effort to secure them properly. A dowel rod is a round stick that fits into the track of a sliding glass door or window to prevent the glass pane from sliding across the track.

Why Burglars Love Sliding Glass Doors & How To Burglar-proof Yours

One of the ways thieves defeat the lock is by lifting up on the glass door from the bottom track, tilting it out and. Additional locks to reinforce the original one are available for sliding doors. Protective film can be used to cover glass and prevent it from shattering. You can apply this film on any glass window on a door or sliding glass doors. Burglars will have a tough time trying to shatter the glass and break in. The major feature of French doors is the glass pane or panes in the middle of the door. One of the easiest ways to secure this part of your door is to apply a window film. Another way to protect against glass breaks is by using a home security system. Maybe you want your windows to be more secure. Sliding doors: Inserting a dowel rod to keep a sliding door from sliding is one of the quickest hacks to shore up the security of a sliding door. Glass doors: Adding a glass security laminate to your glass door will help you to enhance security without getting rid of the glass doors. Doors with windowpanes should be reinforced with unbreakable glass or iron grill work. Sliding Glass Doors: To prevent a sliding glass door from being lifted out of its tracks, screw three pan-head sheet metal screws into the top of the frame.

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Sliding doors are a common option for residential back doors. The perfect scenario for would-be burglars. When looking at a sliding door purchase, choose one with enhanced security features – security features that will make the door more difficult to unlock, force slide, untrack, or break the glass. In process of buying a house, and there is an old set of french doors on the back of the house.