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A spline is a flexible strip used to ease two different materials together. Flat splines are used in window and door screens to secure the screens inside the frame without adhesives. Shop our selection of Spline in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. Phifer 0.3125 in. x 100 ft. Black Flat Spline. Model 3033403. (4). This Flat Spline is ideal for holding screens securely in frames when replacing screens in windows and doors. It is available in black and gray to match the color of the screen material.

how to rescreen a door with flat spline 2If the original door used flat splining then you need to use the same spline to replace it. Have a metal screen/storm door that we took ripped screen out of, and now no one has the kind of splining we need to re-screen! You might also encounter old style flat screen splining or even aluminum or steel splining and need to replace it with something more easily available. There is also T spline which is often used in the thin screen frames found in storm doors and flat spline most commonly used in screen porches. While I’ve replaced window screens in the past using ROUND spline, I’ve never used FLAT spline. As a matter of fact, I’d never even seen it before.

I attempted to re-screen 1 panel on my pool patio screen room. I purchased standard charcoal fiberglass screen and FLAT spline. The dried up spline I pulled out was flat so I got the ONLY flat splie Home Depot Carried. They had round spline that was less diameter but that was recommended for doors & window screens. It’s tough enough to handle the force needed to put the spline (flat spline) into place. The new screen for the upper panels, however, is super thin. 1: Lay screen frame on smooth, flat surface such as a table or a workbench. 2: Use a screwdriver or knife to pry up the end of the old retainer spline and pull it out of the channel (Photo A). Allow insect screen to overlap spline groove approximately 1/8 inch.

Screen Spline, Where To Find It And How To Choose It

how to rescreen a door with flat spline 3I have rescreened windows and doors several times, but the cord you. The black rubber strip (called a spline) holds the screen into the frame. This screen has four spring-loaded catches that hold the frame into the door. At the end of the first stretch, I used a flat screwdriver to push the spline into the corner. Try to install the material so that it is neat and flat, but don’t worry about getting the screen overly tight. How to Replace a Screen in a Door or Window Frame. How to Rescreen With a Flat Spline. How to rescreen a Forever Storm Door insert, How to Re-screen a Patio Door, How to Install Porch Screening System from Screen Tight, Sliding Screen Door Re-Screening, DIY Screen Repair: Required Tools, WORLD’S FIRST PATENTED WINDOW INSECT SCREEN REMOVAL HAND TOOL 2. Window screens can get punctured or torn, but as long as the frame is in good shape repairs are easy and can be done in a few minutes. Here’s how to make your screen door or window look good as new. Pry out the old spline with an awl or a narrow-tipped screwdriver. Throw it away spline gets hard and brittle as it ages and shouldn’t be reused. Rescreening with metal is slightly more difficult than with fiberglass (metal. Lay the screen spline-side up on a work surface and then follow these steps:. Work on a large, flat work surface.

Re-screening Pool Patio Screen

Show you how to rescreen an existing porch using the Screen Tight installation system. Pull down all the old screening and pound the staples flat. Be sure to use 0.175-in. rubber spline for fiberglass screen and 0.160-in. spline for aluminum screen. Below the railings and on the porch door, we installed Phifer’s new PetScreen (55 to 68 cents per square foot), a durable material that resists tears and punctures from pet claws. Quick View. Prime Line 3/16in X 25ft Screen Spline (P7941) – Ace Hardware. Door experts talk replacing screens, how to DIY and when you should hire a pro. If you aren’t concerned about nullifying the warranty and still want to try to replace the screen on your own, lay the screen frame out flat, use a screwdriver to remove the screen and spline, and measure how much you need to replace them. You may also need a rolling tool and a screen spline to secure the screen fabric.

Spline is a flexible strip that you insert into the grooves of the door to hold the screen in place. To begin, I laid out the screen door flat on the ground. A Simple Guide for Door and Window Screen Replacement If you want to make a DIY project of replacing your door and/or window screens, this guide will help you learn how to do it. After separating the screen frame from your door or window, lay it out on a flat surface we recommend you use a drop sheet to protect the screen frame. Re-screen Frame With Replacement Mesh. Get the right size spline for your frame otherwise the mesh will not stay in place for long. This project will show you how to rescreen an existing porch using the Screen Tight installation system. I have an old outside window screen that has a small door that opens and closeds with a small latch. FLAT PRYBAR.